Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012!

Welcome 2013!!!

Gosh, it's hard to believe that the year is almost over.  It's been an interesting year.  I'm thankful for many things.  I'm also glad to see it ending for many reasons.  Let's not go there.  Let's stay happy!

We got SNOW!!!  About 6 inches came in during the night a couple nights back.  I was so excited to see it in the morning.  I actually stood on our deck looking out at the pristine white with tears in my eyes.  It was so beautiful.  The girls are doing just fine.  Seems they don't like their blankets much and would prefer not to wear them.  Mom makes them most nights though - just cause it makes me sleep better.

After today I am off until January 7th!  I have started another scrap throw and I have a new scarf in mind.  We will be taking down the Christmas decorations and also getting the DH's train room in a better condition for him to start his train!  Very exciting!!!

No plans for tonight other than homemade pizza and kicking back!  I plan on trying to blog more often during my time off!  I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Almost that time

I think my new nickname should be "intermittent".  That seems to be how I am blogging these days.  And really it's not because I don't think about it or want to; it's all about getting on a computer once I leave work.  Just isn't happening.  The closest I get is my iPhone and I am not going to blog from that thing.  My eyes are already bad enough and the DH is already pissy enough about my connection to my phone.  I'm just not going there.

That being said, here I am for another post!  Aren't you all thrilled?  Hey, no eye rolling!  LOL  Things are going well.  Christmas was a lot of fun.  We celebrated twice really; once with the daughter and her bf. They made the drive up from the Lone Star State and we had fun hanging out and even tooks turns firing the shotgun.  We went out to eat 3 of the 4 nights they were here, so that was awesome!  The second Christmas was with my sister and her bf and my two nieces.  I made pulled pork and mac & cheese.  We sat around our table and played a game.  Had a blast and laughed!  It was awesome. 

I have spent a lot of time crocheting during my time off.  I haven't taken any days off from work - just working the regularly scheduled days.  A friend of mine asked if I could make her husband an actual sleeping cap.  He loves the one in the car commercial the woman pulls out of the box.  You've probably seen it; green and white.  She says something like, "It's what I've always wanted."  Anyway he is bald by choice and often complains about his head getting cold at night in their big, old farmhouse.  So she asked if I could make him a cap.  Of course I jumped at the challenge and put my scrap afghan aside to start.  She didn't want it by Christmas, but I actually got it done Christmas Eve and she came over and picked it up.  She was beside herself she liked it so much.  Apparently he did as well.  He wore it all day Christmas and then into the evening.  For a first time attempt I think it came out alright.  Here's a pic of my DH modeling it.  My friend's husband has a huge head, so it probably fit him perfectly.  I also did put a pom-pom on the end.  This pic shows before I got it attached. 

The girls are doing well in the barn.  They seem to be warm and staying dry from the rain and sleet and little snow we have had.  We have had a few challenges with the barn.  The biggest is the water in the center aisle.  It seems the water comes off the roof and then drops down beside the barn, seeps under the hay side and floods the center.  So we are having a seamless gutter put in the first week of January and we are digging a trench and filling with gravel and then laying straw along the length of the outside of the barn.  We hope this takes care of the water.  The other issue is that one end is still open, so we are going to get the temporary wall up that same week as well.  I think after that we will be set for anything January - March might bring our way.  All in all we are both very happy with the barn. 

From everyone's blogs I see you are all doing well and surviving the holidays.  I got some more catching up to do.  Take care and best wishes for 2013!  May all your crocheting dreams become a reality!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Where's the snow?

We had a day of rain yesterday and it was so relaxing, even from my work space.  Although I am not close to our floor length windows, I could catch a glance every now and then and it made me smile.  It was almost 60* yesterday while the rain was coming down.  In December.  I want to know where is the snow?  :) 

Got the yarn to make a messenger bag with a flap for a friend.  She asked for burgundy and tan, so that should make up for a nice bag.  I am using Red Heart mostly because of it's durability for my bags.  I picked up a pretty fabric for the lining, too. 

Monday night I started a dishcloth and now I've gotten into that mode for a bit...  After the sale I went through quite a bit of those and my DH took a few as gifts so they have been disappearing! 

The next signature blanket is about 2/3 of the way finished.  Here is a pic of it:

Hope everyone is having an awesome Hump Day! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

To Every Season...

Undauntingly this time of year makes me feel reflective.  I reflect mostly on internal things - like personal goals I've accomplished or not...  This year has been difficult to measure and yet all around me I see so much growth.  Growth in our property; the horse facilities growing in size and taking on a character and life of it's own, for example.  Personally I feel like I've not accomplished much, but honestly this past year I have created and sold more crocheted items than ever before.  Go figure.  Perhaps I am, as the saying goes, my own worst enemy.  Regardless, I always find myself reflecting on the good and bad things and where I am in my life. 

Like everyone I have my share of secrets.  Nothing so exciting and dramatic as you might imagine!  Just things I keep hidden inside - personal dreams that seem to silly to share with the world, for example.  Although I often think I dream big, when I hear about other's dreams mine seem to pale in comparison.  It's always been this way for me.  I have no real vision.  A perfect example is our Dutch doors on the barn.  I was thinking they would be painted red and have the traditional cross section painted in white - the standard Dutch door one sees on barns all over.  My son home on leave told me to think outside the boundaries and dare to be different.  What??  I think I actually caught my breath and held it.  Different how?  Different why?  Different - why not????  So that led me to start thinking about our individual style and how we make the Red K Ranch our own.  The DH has gotten into this as well and now we find ourselves talking about the uniqueness of our place and how perhaps when people drive by they will look for our barn because it is DIFFERENT. 

I am very much a Libra and very much compartmentalized in my thinking.  So often my ideas reflect a very rigid (stoic?) view.  Not that this is a bad thing, but it hardly lends itself for individuality and creativity.  So as 2012 comes to a close I am changing my way of thinking.  I am going outside my "norm" and stretching the muscles in my brain (LOL) to find those things that make me unique.  It will be interesting to see where I am this time next year!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Return of the Redhead

I have been telling myself for WEEKS now to BLOG.  Not only is it therapy but I genuinely miss reading everyone's posts.  So in spite of myself here I am! 

Catching up.....  Job is going very well and I actually got the good news I will move from a contract position to full time come Jan 2, 2013.  I haven't been approached yet by HR, which is a tad bit troublesome.  And there's also the discussion of salary to go along with that.  Everyone has told me to expect an 8% decrease from my current rate.  Although this isn't devastating, it's not the best news.  We'll just have to make it work as we always do.

I am still not on speaking terms with my mother and I don't expect that to change any time soon.  Over the past two weeks things have occurred to make that even less of an option and quite honestly, I'm okay with it.  What is an even bigger shock is the realization I am facing regarding another relative.  It's pretty amazing how true colors come shining through.  The truth will always come out.  Luckily my sister and I are closer than ever and I truly value our relationship.  She's awesome! 

The barn is all but finished!  And it looks amazing!  The DH has done an incredible job of pulling it all together with what money we have had to do so.  Here is a pic of how it looks now.  The unpainted area is where our Dutch door will go and that will have to wait until Spring.  The other end doesn't have any doors at the moment.  We are working on a temporary wall for that end to block off any bad weather we may get through winter.  The horses are doing GREAT.  They have had their vet visit and he gave them both a clean bill of health.  He looked at our feed and hay and said we were doing a great job! 

You might recall the special order blanket I was making?  Well, the larger it got the less I liked it.  I thought it pulled the work too much and no manner of blocking seemed to help.  I mailed it off to the woman in Canada and gave her a full refund.  As it turned out she loved it!  And promptly paid me for the full amount!  What an awesome surprise that was!  Additionally I had the best craft show ever at a small church bazaar the first weekend of November.  My DH came with me and was a real trooper for the day.  The traffic through the small area was unbelievable and people were buying!  I made $78!  I've also had several sales directly off the Etsy shop and then I just finished a special order baby afghan yesterday for a coworker.  I'm currently working on a signature ranch afghan in bright orange and forrest green.  I'm about 1/3 of the way complete. 

Well, that's about it for now.  I hope you all are doing well.  I'm going to try my best to catch up on some of your blogs.  Take care!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two days in a row

At this point that is a record for me.  But I am making an effort these days to not only start things but finish them.  I didn't get much crocheting done yesterday and that's okay.  The hubby is off to his job for the day (only 4 more days of that and he's finished), so I didn't lolly-gag this morning.  I put a load of sheets in the wash and have the iPod up and cranked to keep the blood pumping.  Oh and there's coffee and lots of it.  I'm going to be productive today even if it kills me.  LOL

I have been seeing so many beautiful crocheted things on Pinterest lately and it sparked something I think I will try next after finishing the scarf for my friend in Wisconsin.  I have so many yarn balls of the most amazing colors and I need to use them!  I see them and I swear my heart and hands ACHE to create.  Do you ever feel that way?  Ache to be creative?  It's almost a palpable pain; like longing for someone.  I think that's how we know we are passionate - when that ache is present. 

Yesterday was quite blustery and I kept inside.  The horses didn't seem to mind the wind but I found it annoying.  This morning we woke up to very chilly temps and even frost on our steps.  The DH actually went down from a slip.  That's how we know the season has changed.  Our steps are very telling. 

My son wants to treat me to a trip to Savannah, GA in November.  Before he heads off to Afghanistan in December he is coming for a visit, so we have decided to combine trips.  I will fly to see him and spend a few days in Savannah.  He's going to give me a spa day!  We'll check out the sites for a couple of days and then we'll rent a car to drive to Ohio.  He'll fly back to Savannah after a visit with us.  I'm already looking forward to the trip! 

Well, the washer is singing so I need to get busy.  Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!  :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Gosh it's been a long time

Howdy! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.  I saw that date and suddenly the passing of time hit me like a brick wall.  It's the end of September already.  Amazing.  Well, I hope to be back at the blogging now.  Apologies for my lapse.

September brings things I like; colors, cooler weather, and my birthday!  Not that I am anxious to be getting older, but who doesn't like getting all the birthday wishes?  We are already experiencing fall temperatures here in Southern Ohio.  The leaves are slowly turning.  Crops are being harvested.  Pumpkins are everywhere! 

The new job is going so well.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Finally I feel like I am in a place where I am needed and feel useful.  It's a great place to work and with luck I will be able to go from contract to hire. 

I have been crocheting scarves.  Not many because there are only so many hours in the day.  I finished up one I called a signature ranch scarf because I used that same drop stitch as in my blankets.  Here's a pic of it.

I really love the colors and the scarf is quite soft and feels like it would be super warm against the chilling wind.  Not to mention it will make you look good out and about!  I started another one only to have a friend of mine fall in love with it - so as soon as it's finished I'll be mailing it to her! I love it when someone tells me they want something I've made.  Makes my heart feel so good!!

We have the second half of the barn in.  Now the DH needs to start the roof.  We have the other half filled with our winter hay.  260+ bales fit nicely and it worked out great. I hope the roof goes as smoothly! 
Well, you're all caught up on my end.  I'm going to try and catch up with you gals!  Hope all is well.  I've missed you!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

I find it ever so difficult to sit at the computer and blog when the DH is around.  He enjoys looking over my shoulder.  He doesn't understand or "get" blogs, but he's quite nosey about what I find so interesting and what I blog about.  Luckily he took off this morning to run some errands and get some breakfast at our local diner.  I needed some "me" time.

I finally recieved my offer letter and my official start date is the 13th.  The letter contained some funny wording though and I am asking for clarification. The first of which is that the contract is only for 14 weeks.  Now I was quite certain this particular position was at the least 12 months.  Secondly I am not permitted to approach the client company regarding a full time position.  I'm not sure what this means or implies, so I asked for that to be cleared up.  The money can't start coming in soon enough, but if this turns out to be a 14 week gig I am really going to be UPSET.  I have been literally waiting on this company for two months and have turned down numerous other job possibilities for this one.  Needless to say I am anxious for the reply email with answers.

On a good note, my DH went for his "interview" with the landscaping company my cousin works for.  They hire temporary workers for their outlet sale and the DH got brought on to be the "lead" for the material handlers.  It's pretty excited about it and on top of that he gets paid $3 more an hour than the regular handlers.  It's about a 7 week job starting the end of August.  That will bring in some extra cash.

I am reaching the final rows of the special order blanket.  I laid it out on my King bed to take measurements and although I made it a point to go over what was required it's still coming up short on the width.  Now I have checked this blanket throughout the process and could have sworn my numbers were spot on.  Now it's shows I'm about 10 inches too SHORT???  Additionally the lady asked for no border, but the weight of this blanket alone is making the edges sag, so I am going to suggest to her a border along the lengthwise edges to help keep it's shape.  I'm hoping after I block it it will regain it's original size and I can stop worrying.  I have done enough of these to know you have to allow for stitches to pull in your chain stitch so you never make it just the right at that count, but 10 inches has me a bit worried.  We'll see how it goes. 

I had an excellent idea for a display for my dishcloths. I've asked the DH to help me pull it together and when it's all said and done I will fill you in on it.  I am going to work with a local vender in town for a small display section.  They are opening a unique little shop and I think my dishcloths would be something they just might be interested in...  Wish me luck!

I hope you are all having a great week. 

Chats on the farmhouse porch

Everyday Ruralty

Here are our questions for today:
  1. Do you like to sing? What kind of music are you likely to sing?
  2. Do you watch soap operas (daytime TV), or have you ever?
  3. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
  4. What's your favorite easy meal when the weather is hot?
  5. Tell me something about the past week.

1.  I do, but I know I'm horrible, so I limit my singing to the car on my commute.  I love all types of music.

2.  No.  I grew up surrounded by people that did but I never got into it.

3.  Neither, but I should.  I have a pair I bought for when I am reading, but nothing perscribed.

4.  Chicken salad or BLTs.

5.  I've had a weekend of waiting.  Waiting to find out the start date of my new contract.  It went by quickly.  I'm hoping this week off goes slower.

Monday Catch Up

Acting Balanced

1. Where do you go to get your news?

2. What Olympic level skill do you have (e.g. One could be a world-class paper clip bender)?

3. If I say the word, 'intellectual,' what do you think?

4. Who in your family do you look the most like?

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5.  What's your ideal sleep hours?

1.  Mostly from Yahoo online.  That's my homepage and I just pick the stories that interest me.

2.  Geez, I'd have to say stall mucker.  I'm pretty good at that.  LOL

3.  Well rounded.  I think anyone who is truly intellectual can speak about many subjects well.

4.  Sadly, my Mother.

5.  I would like to be able to sleep less than I currently need to.  I require 8 hours to function.  That's a big junk of time when you have so little.  I'd like to be in bed by 11 and wake up at 5 energized and ready to take on the day. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just stumbling along...

It's amazing how much one can miss when one doesn't sit in front of a computer 9 hours a day.  I just spent the time to play catch up on everyone's blogs for the past week.  You guys have been busy and creative.

My week off was alright until yesterday.  The DH talked me into getting my nails and toes done in preparation for the new job starting Monday.  It was nice to do this for myself.  I love it when my nails are done and my feet were in need of a pedicure and now my toes look so cute.  However, yesterday I got a call that I won't be starting the new job on the 6th.  They have pushed it back to the 13th.  So this is a glass half empty, half full scenario.  On the one hand we were not expecting not to have a paycheck for 3 weeks.  That puts us in a tight situation and pushed the second half of the barn back yet another 2-3 weeks.  It also makes for a boring second week off.  No money means no frivilous trips to lunch, take in a ball game, etc. 

Now I have plenty to do around the house.  I am still chugging along on the special order blanket.  I have almost used up my entire stash of cotton yarns for dishcloths.  There's always something to do with the horses.  So it's not like I am bored...just bored with what is available to do.  Just having a little extra mad money would be nice.  Now I'm just being whiney.  I'll stop.  LOL

Friday, July 27, 2012

Aloha Friday

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.  So here's my question for the day:

You get a week long all expenses paid vaca - where do you go?? 

My answer ----> VEGAS baby!!

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun #72


This week’s statements:

  1. I learned how to make _____ in ____
  2. I have always wanted to ____
  3. My purse always has a __________and _______________.
  4. One day when I am ____________I am  going to _______________________.
1.  I learned how to make quacamole in California.
2.  I have always wanted to open my own shop.  The shop has grown through the years to include yarn, coffee, tea, pastries and specialty items.
3.  My purse always has a number of pens and a hair tie. 
4.  One day when I am wealthier I am going to rescue animals.


This has been an interesting week.  I start me new job on Aug 6.  I was hoping to give my notice today and they would keep me next week (for the paycheck you see).  Yesterday I had a visit from the HR lady who told me today is my last day.  I knew it was coming, which is one reason I had been seeking a new job, but honestly I thought they would give me a little more notice.  What irritates me most is that my own recruiter was told Monday and she has yet to contact me.  Talk about lousy communication and unprofessional.  However, I am not unhappy about being off next week.  I plan on finishing up the special order blanket and the DH wants to tackle a little of the train room, which is currently just storage for boxes we haven't yet unpacked. 

Yesterday we had quite a storm come in.  Being the weather geek I am, I was fascinated and thrilled with the skies.  I took pics of the clouds and want to share a few.  Isn't it amazing and beautiful??  It produced quite a lot of thunder, lightning and eventually behind this lots of rain.

Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo

I won't bore you with more.  LOL

Hula seems to be doing alright.  She is such a sweet kitten.  She is about a year old now and full of curiousity.  She has spent a good deal of her life in the vet's office in one of their recovery cages.  Because of her loss of an ear she has balance issues and she walks a little crooked, runs only a short distance and also crooked and sometimes her head will appear as if she is moving in a circle.  Hence her being called Hula.  She is very affectionate and spent a good part of the evening on the loveseat beside playing with my cotton yarn.  She was in heaven.  Dumpster doesn't seem to pay her much mind.  They have exchanged a few hisses and nothing more.  Hooters is a bit more put out and a tad more aggressive, but I think with time she will be alright.  We are giving Hooters lots of petting and talking to her, letting her know it's all going to be okay.  I have explained to both cats how Hula just needs a good home and a family to love her.  I reminded them both they were also abandoned once and needed a forever home, too. 

If you've not already done so, hop over to Patrice's blog Everyday Ruralty.  She's hosting a party with free stuff and Wendell provides the entertainment! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012


For weeks I have been trying to talk my DH into getting another kitten/cat.  He was relentless telling me "no".  Imagine my surprise when I get a text from our Vet with a picture of my DH with our new addition.  Meet Hula.

She was rescued by the Vet's daughter (Amy) who bottle fed her.  She had been attacked by an animal and the top of her head and left ear had been ripped off and then abandoned.  Amy nursed her back to health and wanted to find her a forever home.  In walked my DH.  LOL  She seems very sweet. 

Thoughtful Thursday

Today I am sending out a big welcome to all of the new readers/followers I have.  The past two days have been a whirlwind of reading new blogs and I've loved every minute of it. 

I am thoughtful today, more so than my usual Libra over thinking, over analyzing self.  Do I have a lot on my mind?  Yeah, I suppose I do.  How much of it am I allowing to take over?  Quite a bit.  There are some things that just stick in that space between annoyance and longing that I cannot shake.  So I am proclaiming Thursday as my "Thoughtful Thursday" blog.  Read on, but do so at your own risk. 

  • I am having a difficult time with the design of this blog.  Does anyone else find it hard and confusing to use?  I have simply given up at this point.  It is what it is because I am sick of trying to figure it out. 
  • I sort of wish for a government uprising.  I am so tired and frankly, annoyed, by the government BS.  They are all crooks. They are all corrupt.  Bottomline is they need us and if we rise against them they are NOTHING.  We have the power.  We just don't use it. 
  • I am seriously considering opening a coffee/tea/pastry/yarn shop.  Not now, of course, but in due time. 
  • If I could go into the Witness Protection Program right now I would.  I felt this way last week and it's not left me.  Starting over.  New name.  New job.  New life.  Nothing from my past could come with me.  Nothing.  Imagine that.  Painful.  You bet.  Exhilirating?  Absolutely.  Maybe that's why I love to travel.   Maybe I should stop whining.
  • I am fat.  I am also very sick of being fat.  I feel obstructed to do anything about it because of my ... surroundings.  I am working through this.  I am going to find that light at the end of the tunnel and I will own it.  There could be some fall out.  There could be casualties.  There was a time I was running 8 miles a day.  8 miles.  I long for those days.  I long for the strength I had in those days.  I know I still have it.  Underneath all of the fat I still have that in me.  Bringing it to the surface is the hard part. 
Five items seem enough for today.  If you want to post some thoughts for Thoughtful Thursday, I look forward to reading about them! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Hodge Podge

1. The Summer Olympics officially begin this Friday...will you be watching? If you could see just one event in person which one would you pick?

I'm not a huge Olympic fan.  It seems over the years the commercialism has taken over and it's disappointing.  I used to love to watch the Equestrian events and if given the chance I'd probably not pass it up. 
2. Do lazy days make you feel rested or unproductive?
This really depends on if I chose to be lazy or if it just turned out to be so.  The DH and I often schedule lazy days.  They are never long enough.  When I am at work and doing nothing I feel it's a wasted day when I could be home being lazy and yet still productive because I can crochet.
3. July 25 is 'officially' Threading the Needle day...can you sew? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being not at all and 10 being Betsy Ross-like, how would you rate your skill with a needle and thread?

I wish I could sew.  I can thread a needle and whip stitch an open seam and such.  I'd say I'm about a 1.5.

4. Threading the Needle can also mean to walk a fine line between two things or issues (think awkward social situation). When was the last time you had to 'thread the needle', figuratively speaking?

Has to be politics.  I have very strong views but I am not a good debater.  It seems all of my Liberal friends seem to think because I am a Conservative I hate poor people and minorities and that I am against immigration.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  What I am against is big government and all that comes with it.  Not the defense, of course.  I don't think we should ever let our guard down and need to continue to offer military incentives and benefits to attract a good defense.  What I am against is a welfare nation and a socialist attitude of entitlement.  What happened to working hard for luxuries?  And yes, I think a cell phone is a luxury.  I could spend HOURS on this topic, but I won't bore you.  Enough said.

5. Kidney, pinto, black, or navy-your favorite bean?

I'm going to go with kidney beans in my chili.
6. Have you ever hosted a garage sale? Was it more success or bust?

We have and I prefer not to partake.  My husband is the one that sits and monitors the shoppers.  I do not bargain well and don't like how people will argue with you over a quarter.  You either want it or you don't.  We have been lucky a few times and made a decent chunk of change, but I think they are a lot of work to prepare for.
7. What makes you roll your eyes?

So many things...  LOL 
8. Insert your own random thought here.

This morning I had an Amish pastry with my coffee.  It was a cream horn.  Some people call them cream puffs.  Whatever you want to call it, this one was simply amazing.  I love strong coffee and a good pastry in the morning.  It goes against everything in the way of good nutrition, I know.  If I could have my way, I would own a yarn/coffee shop and I would make and sell the best pastries for my customers.  They could come and sit, drink their tea or coffee and nibble on a pastry whilst crocheting or knitting and chatting with friends. 



I took the day off yesterday from work.  I woke up feeling so terribly blah.  It felt good to have the day.  This morning I woke up feeling great and very rejuvenated. 

We had a storm roll in yesterday.  The sky was amazing.  I wanted to share a pic I took before we had the rain pour down.

I want to post a couple of pics especially for Wendell over at Everyday Ruralty.  He's always looking for new friends and I have two girls I think he would enjoy hanging with. 

Dolly is my 11 year old.  I have had her since she was 16 months old.  She is as fun as she looks.  Very sweet personality.

Cheyenne is older (we won't say how much) and quite the regal lady.  She also likes to have fun and loves carrots.

Patrice over at Every Ruralty is having a party each day this week to celebrate her Chats on the Front Porch!  Drop in and visit her and Wendell.  Bring carrots!!

Everyday Ruralty

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Monday

I can't believe it's already Monday.  Even after a 3 day weekend I feel like Monday snuck up on me and the weekend is a blur.  I did spend a good deal of time working on the special order blanket and that was a good thing.  I made some great progress.  Come yesterday evening I was burnt out on it and picked up the cotton yarn to make dishcloths. 

On the job front, it looks like I have sealed the deal.  After the interview on Friday morning the recruiter called me to tell me the company wants to move forward.  Now we just need an offer letter and start date so I can give notice at my current position.  It's been a very painful process but I hope it's all been worth it and I end up loving this new job.  I know I will love the new paycheck.

I've come to the conclusion I am neurotic over the horse fly situation, but honestly who could blame me?  No joke, at one point there were 25 in just one stall.  I was killing them left and right and it seemed like 2 would appear in place of 1 I squished.  The horses are now skittish when they see me with the blue fly swatter.  I'm deadly with that thing.  There seems to be nothing we can do other than to get fans to blow the air around and try to keep them from lighting on the horses.  I have never seen so many and according to our shoer, they are only going to get worse as August approaches.  He said they are everywhere and there's nothing anyone can do.  No spray will deter them.  The only thing that works is a strong fan. 

Today I brought in 4 dishcloths.  I decided I would give them to the very nice lady who runs the office.  I brought in very pretty cloths - all different colors.  I was giddy as I walked to her desk.  Imagine my dismay when she looked at me like I had just handed her a box of rocks.  "What's this?" she asked.  I said, "Cotton dishcloths.  I make them and wanted you to have some."  "Oh.." she said.  "Or you can give them as gifts..." I said.  She said, "Yeah...  Thanks."  Hmmm.  All I could think about was yanking them out of her hands.  But I walked away feeling a tad bit silly and embarrassed.

We did not get the pool.  Target was out of stock and although the weather was warm, I am not certain we would have used it this weekend.  

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well!  Can't wait to catch up with everyone. 

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

1. What are your favorite pizza toppings?

2. What is the strangest name you've ever heard for a child?

3. What is the best vacation you've ever gone on?

4. What is your favorite quick summer meal?

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!
5.  Trade places with someone for a day.  Who is it and why?

My Answers:
1.  Pepperoni, Green Peppers, Red Onions and Pineapple.  Yum.
2.  This is a tough one.  I've heard plenty...  I'm going to go with Apple.  I think that's just very uncreative.
3.  Well, this is a toss up between the trip to Germany and Oktoberfest in 2010 with my son or the trips my DH and I have taken to Las Vegas.  Both were special in their own way.  Germany was amazing because it was all new and it was beautiful.  Vegas is my favorite place.  I love the lights, the sounds, the gambling, the relaxing...Ahhhh.
4.  BLT's.  I don't like frying the bacon but I love to make the sandwiches and I love eating them.
5.  As crazy as this may sound, I'm going to say Obama.  I want to know what he knows and try and figure out what he's thinking.  I want to know if my feelings about him are justified. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today is my Friday.  I am getting a two hour massage after work to start my 3 day weekend off right.  I am actually sore to the touch in some places and I know the lactic acid has built up in my muscles.  I asked for a deep tissue massage this time.  Normally that's too painful for me and I ask for a Swedish.  I figure I can always tell the therapist to lighten the pressure.  I am so looking forward to this 2 hours.  The day will be spent watching the clock in anticipation. 

It always amazes me how many people do not like massage.  They are not comfortable with others touching them.  My daughter, for instance, doesn't like anyone touching her feet.  My DH would rather die than allow anyone to give him a massage.  My sister thinks the whole idea is creepy.  I find it soothing and energizing.  I used to get a one hour massage but I realized I am just starting to unwind when it's over.  So now I save up my visits so that I always have a 2 hour available.  Most therapists don't seem to mind the 2 hours.  I don't have too many requests and for the most part just give them a free rein to proceed how they want.  I don't like my abdomen massaged.  I find that difficult to relax through.  Sometimes I fall asleep.  Most times I just sort of drop off into a sort of relaxed state and let the massage carry me into oblivion.  I hear the music and allow my body to melt into the table.  When I have had a good massage my nose will run, ridding my body of built up toxins. 

I worked for an hour on the special order blanket. I finished almost 4 rows.  The DH got a migraine and we turned off the lights in the living room and just watched the Reds game.  Since I couldn't see to crochet I took a bath, shaving my legs so as not to gross out the therapist today.  LOL 

Yesterday brought some good and bad news.  Bad news was my current job has pushed back an important deadline for 60-90 days.  If I were them I wouldn't keep me around for another 60-90 days.  The good news is I finally got the phone call from the other job.  I have what I hope is a formality phone interview tomorrow morning.  If all goes well I hope to be starting that job within the next two weeks.  Now there are a lot of pros to this new job.  I want to list them for you:
  • More money - you don't have to tell me money isn't everything but this jump in pay is significant and will allow us to do a lot on the property as well as stash some for retirement
  • Witness Protection - not really, but close.  Because of the distance I will be spending as many as 3 nights alone in a hotel.  The hotel offers a special discounted rate for military as well as a special stay so many nights and get a night free deal.  They are within walking distance of the new job and they have a fitness room and a pool.  I will have my alone time I seem to be craving right now. 
  • Work - this position is one that appears to be hectic and necessary.  I will finally be in a position where I feel needed and valued.  My days will be busy and I will have a lot of responsibility.
  • Money - did I mention this job pays more?  Like almost 30k more?  Yeah.  I'm so ready for a change. 
When we lived in CA we had an above ground pool.  We only had it one year.  It was the blow up kind but it was 3 feet deep and at least 12 feet across.  We would float around on hot days.  The DH would bungee a cooler to the ladder filled with ice and beer and we would float about lazily.  It was amazing.  We want to get another pool, although we can't afford that size right now so we are going to check into a kiddy pool that we can just sit in and drink a cold beer.  Something like this:
Intex 80in Kids Family Swimming Pool
Just enough to keep us wet and cool when the humidity is just too much.  For $27 I don't think you can beat it.  Talk about redneck and ghetto.  LOL

Okay, enough for today.  I hope this finds everyone doing well! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Ramblings

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  I have a tendency to hold my breath for whatever reason.  I don't breathe deep enough to exhale all of the bad air out of my body.  This morning I am making a point to do so.  Today is my Thursday, which means tomorrow is my Friday and honestly, it can't get here soon enough.  Although I have nothing planned, the weekend means "do what you want" and I intend to. 

As I pulled into our driveway yesterday my car was attacked by horse flies.  I counted no less than 8 swarming my car.  I always pull into the garage.  They followed me in and darting them to get from the garage to the house wasn't fun.  I don't know what is up with them.  I did some reading on the internet and learned they could come from one hive, which would be close by for them to be so plentiful.  But it went on to say the hive isn't really a hive and they lay eggs on weeds and rocks.  Great.  My fly swatter nailed 8 last night.  The horses are now afraid of the fly swatter.  They don't understand I am killing the big monsters and not going to swat them, even though I have never done such a thing in my life. 

I crocheted a little last night, but not much.  I finished up another dishcloth and right now I feel pretty good about the inventory I have so I can work on the Etsy order starting tonight and all weekend long. 

It's time for another massage.  I can always tell because I literally day dream about being run over by a steam roller.  That's how relief for me would come.  A good therapist to me is someone that mimicks this - rolling the toxins out of my muscles.  I could use a good spa vacation.  Every day would be filled with "feel good" sessions of some sort of pampering. 

On that note I'll end my ramblings for the day and wish you all a good day!  :)

Chats on the Farmhouse Porch

Everyday Ruralty

  1. What's your favorite room in your home?
  2. If you could go anywhere on a vacation, all expense paid, where would it be?
  3. Were you a girl scout or in any similar program?
  4. What's your favorite frozen treat?
  5. Are you NASCAR or the elderly lady with the pillbox hat when you drive?
1.  I'm going to have to say either the family room (where I do most of my crochet) or our bedroom. 

2.  This is a toss up for me.  I would love a long, all expenses paid trip to Vegas.  I love that town and always have so much fun.  The other part of me would love a trip to Europe, taking time to visit spas along my journey through all the countries. 

3.  I think I was a Brownie for about 2 months.  Just never really took off for me.  My mom wasn't very supportive either.

4.  Ice cream.  I love anything and everything with ice cream. 

5.  I am probably more of a NASCAR driver.  I like to drive and have a strategy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

It's Monday?

The weekend went by way too fast for me.  My son and daughter came in on Friday evening.  They drove together from Plano, TX.  It was sure good to see them both.  Really we didn't do a darn thing.  I think they both were in need of some "veg" time and that's what we did.  DD left this morning at 5, driving back on her own.  I went into work a little late, dropping my DS off so he could catch his flight.  They were in town only two days, but it was so great spending time with both.

Here's the Monday Quiz I always find over The Chronicles of Nani blog.

1. If you could be on a reality TV show which one would you want to be a part of?
I don't watch a lot of the reality TV shows.  I find them so annoying.  That being said, the one I do know a little about and would consider is The Amazing Race, although I couldn't be with my DH.  No way.  We'd kill each other.  I don't know who I could be partnered with...

2. You have the power to create one law, what would it be?

So many...and I get to choose only one?  Okay, then it would have to be that Senators and Congressman DON'T get a pension for life after their term in office. 

3. How's your weather today?

Very muggy and warm.  We had rain over the weekend and we really needed it, but now the humidity is up and being inside with the AC is the only place comfortable for me.

4. Other than the country you currently live in, where would you want to live?

I'm going to say Germany.  Specifically in the south in Bavaria.  When my son and I visited there I really loved it.  I think I could easily make a home there in the countryside and settle right in.  The Germans were so incredibly warm and I found them charming. 

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5. Pretend you have the power to change one thing in the World.  What would that power be?  Why would you want this ability?  Why do you think it's important? 

This question seems easy at first, but when you start to answer it I think you realize how much more difficult it really is.  I think most people would readily agree to rid the world of hunger and disease.  I find that very tempting as well, but I also find the notion of ridding the world of corruption and greed even more so.  I think these two evils do greater harm to the overall well being of the human race as a whole.  I think their corruption and greed lead to those suffering from disease and poverty intensified.  I think it's important because I think at this time the world is so corrupt and that we are almost beyond repair.  I want to wipe the slate clean. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

And it's really Friday

For me, it's been a very long week.  I have a lot on my mind and it tires me out mentally.  I am really feeling at a crossroads and at the expense of sounding too dramatic, it's really killing me.  Some nights I wake up from a dead sleep and wonder if there is a way to be put into the witness protection program even though I don't have any incriminating evidence against a mob boss.  To be able to start over; new name, new job, new life.  Just leave everything behind and start new.  Why does that sound so wonderful to me? 

I think I could eat pecan rolls every day.  What is it about pecans on top of a sticky bun?  Together with coffee it's delicious.  When I retire I am going to learn to make my own.  Until then I rely on Panera Bread. 

I measured my Etsy special order blanket last night.  It is 36 inches in length right now.  The order is for it to be 86 inches, so I am getting there.  I have 37 hours into it and that includes rolling yarn, so I'm doing alright.  I should easily make the deadline.  It is quite colorful as she requested.  I truly hope she likes it.  I've already started thinking about the next one.  I bought a beautiful shade of blue called Ocean.  I'm pairing it with a Sky Blue for the main colors.  I'm anxious to see the finished product.  After that one I have the one pounder in a color called Forest Floor.  You can imagine how devine that shade is!  I think I will pair it with either off white or cream. 

I wish I could crochet all day.  On a porch swing with a never ending glass of sweet tea.  No bugs and the temperatures just right.  In a cotton sundress, in my barefeet.  Toes freshly polished...

Friday Statements and Five Questions

This week’s statements:
1. My day always starts by ____

2. I prefer ___ to ____
3. I never thought I’d __________ until I __________
4. I wish I could ________ for ________________.

1.  My day always starts by taking my thyroid pill.  I have Hashimoto's, which means my thyroid is completely inactive.  I have to take my pill one hour before I consume any food.  If I don't take it as soon as my feet hit the floor it doesn't work for me.

2.  I prefer being cold to being hot.  Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons.  I can always layer clothes, but I find it difficult to stay cool.  Could have a lot to do with my thyroid...

3.  I never thought I'd miss the Marine Corps until I retired and realized how great a life it was.  It's something that cannot be replaced in my life and I can't go back to it. 

4.  I wish I could have the ability The Mentalist does for one week.  I can't imagine how wonderful it would be to have his skill.  I know he's not real, but I'm certain there are people like him.  Do they come by it naturally or is something they learn?

1. What's your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?I'm not a fan.  Flip flops or the athletic slides are fine, but no sandals.

2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?

Hmm, I like so many different genre's of music that really anything I listen to I am not embarrassed by.

3. What summer camp should they make for moms?
Time management.  I think that's one thing we all could use more of.  Planning ahead makes life so much easier, especially when dealing with kids and schedules. 

4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song...)

"Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" by Bryan Adams. 

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?

I was in the delivery room.  My feet were in stirrups wating for the doctor to come in.  The room had double doors with windows in each door.  Naturally my legs were open TOWARDS those double doors.  As I am lying there, a crowd of interns shows up.  The double doors are opened wide and a doctor is standing in front of a crowd of about 12 interns.  He's explaining something to them.  All I can remember is lying there with my legs wide open. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

States I've visited - Copying Nani

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Make your visited states mapJavaScript charts

The Chronicles of Nani post was pretty cool today.  I love to travel so this was right up my alley.  I decided to follow Nani's lead and find out what a map of the states I've visited would look like.  I also used her example of what qualifies for me being in a state.  I'm not sure I will ever get to Washington or Oregon now that I have left the west coast, but one never knows.  We have friends in Wisconsin and I really want to see Michigan. 

The Flies

Yesterday the DH and I unloaded grass hay from the truck into the shed and onto the outside pallets.  We only had 20 bales, but for some reason they seemed very heavy and horse flies didn't make the job any more pleasant.  In CA I rarely saw a horse fly.  We had the small house flies, but nothing like the giant things we have here in OH.  As we were putting the truck away we had a large one in the cab of the truck.  We swatted and shooed it until it flew out the window.  We took the Jeep to get dinner.  As we were pulling out of the garage we had one large fly from the back of the Jeep to the front window.  I rolled down my window quickly and waved my hands to get it out as fast as I could!  Sighing relief we continued on our way, but not more than half a mile down the road another large one came up from the windshield and dash, buzzing it's discontent and looking more like a Pterodactyl than a fly at this point.  We opened the Jeep windows and by the force of the airflow it was swept out.  Phew.  I was so done with horse flies!!! 

This morning I get into my car to head off to work and just as I put my car into Drive I heard the buzz.  Not another one??  I turned my head to see a large, black horse fly (like the one above) on the passenger window.  My DH laughed at me because I squealed.  I used the auto window to lower that window and it flew out, no doubt thankful to be free of the confines of the car. 

As you can imagine, the horses HATE these things.  They light on them and immediately the girls are aware of them.  They swish their tails and use their hindlegs to get them off their bellies.  I spray the girls with repellent and that helps for awhile, but it wears off.  It seems the very best deterent is the fans we have in the stalls.  The flies don't seem to like the air movement and don't hang around long inside the stalls.  On the outside of the barn you can often see them just landed, not doing much of anything at all except looking icky!!  I squish them.  They bite (well, the females do) and I just don't see the point of letting them hang around to bite the horses or me. 

So happy tomorrow is Friday.  The kids will be here for the weekend. We do have some rain expected tomorrow (80%), but we need it so badly I am not complaining.  Not that I would.  I love the rain.  But we had talked about going canoeing while the kids are here and a thunderstorm would mean that wouldn't happen.  So I am praying for a good rain shower tomorrow and then clear skies on Saturday and Sunday. 

Well that's it for this post.  I think I managed to crochet about 20 stitches last night on the special order blanket before I had to call it quits and head to bed.  I doubt I will get much crocheting done with the kids here. 

Hope you all are having a marvelous Thursday! 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chats on the farmhouse porch and a new blog!

Everyday Ruralty

While browsing through some blogs I came across this one!  She asks questions and I thought I would join in!

  1. Do you exercise?
  2. What's your favorite type of party or get together?
  3. What's your favorite kind of melon?
  4. Do you ever go to a farmers' market?
  5. Would you prefer a series of day trips, or a week's vacation?
1.  No, not right now.  I love it but I can't seem to get into a routine I can stick with right now.  All part of my slump I do believe.

2.  I like being social, but not in too big of a group.  I like riding my Harley with others and then stopping at a bar for a bite to eat.  I like going to a place with a good local band and cold beer.  I also like sitting around a campfire talking with friends and enjoying a nice Scotch. 

3.  Watermelon.  I used to be afraid of the seeds, but I'm not anymore.  Sprinkle a little salt and I am in heaven.

4.  Not now, but I did.  I like to go.

5.  I think right now I would LOVE a week vacation.  I would love knowing I had a full week ahead of me.  Day trips are nice, but I find them a little exhausting. 

Wednesday Hodge Podge and other assorted ramblings

At times doing what I have to do is the hardest thing.  I sort of feel like I should be at a point in my life where I get to do what I want.  Not so.  I saw a commercial last night that made me think.  I don't remember what the ad was for, but at the beginning a woman was out for a walk and stopped to tell us she was 62 with a long life ahead of her.  That had me thinking.  Right now at 48 I feel so - dare I say it? - old.  But really it's not.  I think I'm going through a case of the blues and where I don't feel like I am happy and where I want to be in my life.  Things seem to be missing and I don't know how to go about getting them. 

I like questions that make me think.  I like questions about myself.  Nani over at The Chronicles of Nani had this posted today and I thought I'd give it a shot.

1.  How often do you check the weather?  How do you check the weather?

I am a weather geek.  I could blame it all on Jim Cantore, but honestly I was crazy about the weather even as a little girl.  Jim just helps make it a bit more fun these days.  I love to watch the sky and see if I can predict the weather, but normally I just check TWC.  I check out their website as well as follow them on Twitter. 

2. Since this is volume 84 of the Wednesday Hodgepodge, and since I got married in 1984, and since I'm attending a wedding this weekend it only seems right to post something related here.

"Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. If the dispositions of the parties are ever so well known to each other or ever so similar beforehand, it does not advance their felicity in the least. They always continue to grow sufficiently unlike afterwards to have their share of vexation; and it is better to know as little as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life."
Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Agree or Disagree. Why?
I can't help but take this as sarcasm.  I have never seen this movie (gasp) so I have no idea if she is serious or not.  Reading it I think of it as a dated sarcastic view of matrimony.  I have known people that got married barely knowing what the other took in their coffee.  They decided for them the journey of getting to know one another was part of their marriage and life.  They are still married and seem quite happy. 

I have also known people that married after a very long engagement.  They were already a couple when they exchanged their vows and had children.  They are also still married.

I think every relationship is different and that every relationship can change.  I don't think we can predict the outcome of a marriage based on what they do or do not know about the other person ahead of time.  I think people are either willing to work on a marriage or they are not.  Tolerance and patience seem very important, as well as mutual respect.  Without those key ingredients I don't see how relationships can survive. 

3.  Do you like to dance?  Have you ever taken dance lessons?

Dancing is okay.  I prefer to listen to music and not dance.  I have not ever taken lessons.

4.  Fresh from the oven peach pie?  Or homemade peach ice cream?

Ice cream.  I cannot pass up ice cream.  I prefer pie over cake, and peach is a favorite of mine, but I love ice cream.

5.  Should people accept unfairness and learn to make the best of it?

Oh boy.  You really want to start something with me, don't you?  I am a Libra.  The balance of the scales I feel lies entirely on my shoulders.  I am old enough to know you cannot and will not ever please everyone all the time.  However, I am also of the mind that when the truth is right in front of you and you choose to not see it or accept it because it's not what you WANT, then you are beyond help and certainly beyond my sympathy or empathy.  You are not entitled nor do you rate anything simply because you are human.  Other than basic human rights, of course.  I believe in being rewarded for hard work and ethical living.  I do not believe in a society where wealth is distributed.  Eventually all those working hard will realize they are not getting the benefits of doing so and stop.  There has to be a reward.  Not everyone has the same taste.  One person's idea of luxury is not for another, so trying to make things fair is based on emotions rather than logic for most people.  I am going to quote my DH who always says, "Fair is what they hold at Del Mar once a year."  Del Mar being the fairgrounds in Del Mar, CA.  I think you catch the gest.

6. The top five all time summer movie blockbusters (released between May and August and grossing at least 100 million dollars) are-Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars (the original), Ghostbusters, and ET. Which one's your favorite?
I'm going with Raiders of the Lost Ark.  For many reasons, but mostly because I think Harrison Ford is amazing.  The adventure of the movie was exciting and interesting. 

7.  If given the chance would you like to visit the moon?

I am undecided.  Part of me thinks no way could I pass up an opportunity like that.  I mean, really?  The moon?  Of course I want to go!  As long as it was at a reasonable cost and it wasn't like I got one wish and that was it.  I'd pass if that were the case.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Why do stupid people always seem to win the lottery?  Every day I sit in front of my computerized budget tracker and because it's done in Excel I will often make an imaginary deposit for an amount way above my normal paycheck.  No matter what, I still move money into savings first.  Someon could give me $500,000 and I would never have to work another day in my life nor would I require any assisted funding from the government.  I would stop working at my job, but I would continue to "work".  Nothing makes me crazyier than hearing about lottery winners who end up broke.  I think there should be a rule against stupid people playing the lottery.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yay! It's Friday!

Wait...What??  It's NOT Friday?  The only way I got myself out of bed this morning was joking with myself that today is Friday.  Yesterday seemed so s l o w.  By the time 4 rolled around I was practically running out the door to my car.  When I got home the DH and I put up 10 more boards and moved the portable panels to give the girls more grass.  They loved it.  It's so dry here the grass isn't growing back, so their pasture area isn't much of a pasture.  We need rain and lots of it. 

We didn't have the AC on last evening so holding the Etsy order blanket was just too uncomfortable.  I couldn't seem to get anything started and felt terribly restless.  I took a luke warm bath and tried to relax.  My legs felt twitchy and even Sudoku didn't seem to help me relax.  I fitfully fell asleep, but woke up quite a few times during the night.  I have learned a trick about night waking that I have put into practice and it is working.  When I wake up I don't look at my phone to see the time.  Apparently when you do that it makes you anxious about how much time you have left before the alarm goes off.  So I don't know if it's midnight or 5 am.  I just try and fall back to sleep. 

I read something interesting the other day on Pinterest.  Actually I read two interesting things.  I wanted to share them with you.  The first deals with not being able to sleep.  "If you are having trouble falling asleep it's because you are awake in someone else's dream."  Now I am not sure I really believe this but it sure gave me something to think about.  Wonder if that were true? 

The second one I saw is "The person you fall asleep thinking about and the person you wake up thinking about is the person you love the most or is causing you extreme pain."  Now this I believe without a doubt. 

Tonight is the All Star Game.  Pizza for dinner while watching the game.  Yay!

Oh, and still no call on the job.  I'm beginning to lose hope and starting to think holding out for this position might have been a mistake.  Let's hope I am wrong!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Quiz About ME

1.  What are two must haves when you go on a road trip?

Definitely music.  These days it's the iPod.  In the past it's been premade CDs.  I also like to have some sort of hard candy.

2.  What is your favorite amusement park ride?

When I was younger I was certainly more into the rides.  These days not so much.  They make my neck hurt and I normally get a headache and feel terribly nauseas.  I do like the themed rides (Pirates of the Carribean and Indiana Jones, for example). 

3.  Post favorite picture from the past 6 months.

Hmmm, this is a tough one.  I don't have most of my pics handy, but this one isn't a bad choice.
This is my oldest mare, Cheyenne.  She is in her winter coat as this was taken back in early March.  Such a sweet mare.  <3

4.  What did you call your grandparents?  And if you are a grandparent, what do your grandkids call you?

All of my gparents have passed, but I called them Grandma/pa.  I have grandkids, but sadly we are not close to them.  They refer to me as Grandma Red. 

And for my question...

5.  Name your favorite jello flavor.

I actually like grape or raspberry.  I'm not a huge jello fan, but I don't mind it once in awhile.  My husband makes excellent jello shooters and when he makes them I like the ones with rum best. 

Can there really be too many dishcloths?

I enjoy methodical and tedious work.  I do not know why.  There is something about the repetitiveness that brings me balance I suppose.  That explains a great deal about my crochet work as well.  I love even work and I think dishcloths provide the perfect way for me to achieve that.  I spent a good part of my weekend crocheting dishcloths, in spite of having the Etsy special order to work on.  Here are some pics of the ones I finished.

You can't tell really in this pic, but the color is a bright pink.  I enjoy combining colors that contrast to make fun dishcloths. 

 As you can see I love using the ribbed pattern for just about everything I crochet these days...

Now this one is a bit funky.  It's not for everyone, but I think that's what makes it even more appealing.  I didn't use the ribbed pattern on this on; just a straight sc and I think it came out alright. 

 I've called this one Shabby Chic.  It kind of reminds me of that style.  All of these are done using the scraps in my cotton stash.
 This one is by far my favorite.  How bold and bright is this? 
Well, I have quite a few more I didn't take pics of...  Now I just am not sure what to do with them.  Do I list them on Etsy or simply give them as gifts?  Part of me feels since they are not part of a set it would be senseless to list them singularly on Etsy.

The heat was really unbearable this weekend.  I overdid it on Friday mowing grass.  I felt sick to my stomach and just lied about the rest of the day and evening.  After that I tried to avoid the heat on Saturday and Sunday as much as I could.  The horses fared well during the heat.  I kept their water clean and cool, fans going and checked on them quite often.  They were very happy when the heat wave broke last evening.  We all were.  We didn't get much in the way of rain, but the temps were a good 20* lower. 

I hope this finds you all doing well! 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Over Analyzing

I have a tendency to over analyze.  Everything.  I try not to, but as part of my make-up and being a true Libra I have to.  In order for me to find the harmony and balance I require I must be able to see all sides of an issue.  I'm one that believes once the truth is exposed one cannot help but see it for what it is - the truth.  What I have come to realize is that some people simply refuse to see the truth; or they see it and still choose not to believe.  This confuses me and provides a level of frustration I cannot put into words.  I always remember a woman - a mother - of a 16 year old boy that was charged with robbery.  She refused to believe her son could commit this or any crime.  Even when she is placed in a room and shown a video of a store survellience of her son, plain as day, robbing the place she refuses to believe.  Even when she witnesses him confessing to the robbery she continues to think, "Not my son."  I understand a deep desire for it NOT to be true.  I understand the desire for your faith in the person to be so strong you want to will it to NOT be true.  But when you see it with your own eyes and hear it for yourself, don't you at some point have to face reality?  What is it about the pysche that makes us blind?  This mother decided the video tape showed someone that was pretending to be her son to frame him.  Then when she sat behind the glass listening to the confession of her son she said her son was being coerced into confessing; that it really wasn't him telling the truth.  Things like THAT really, really irritate me.  How do we as a people move forward if we allow ourselves to be robbed of the truth?  At some point her good little boy went bad.  She knew it deep down.  As a mother she probably knew long before this incident he wasn't the innocent child she wanted him to be.  Did she think by continuing to believe in him it would somehow change him?  Did she think by continuing to claim his innocence it would make it so?  Or was the alternative - facing the truth - just too painful?  Did that mean she would have to admit somewhere along the line she failed?  Was that more painful for her than admitting her son had done the crime?  How much of our decision making is based on our own self preservation?

I've had my fill of politics lately.  I know it's got to be a result of the election in November.  The ads and news coverage are relentless.  How is anyone supposed to know who or what to believe?  Do we choose the lesser of two evils? 

Yesterday the DH and I spent a very long time in the heat of a hot, humid Ohio day.  Both of us started out slow.  But when we went outside we literally didn't come back in until 2 to grab a sandwich.  I mowed and dragged.  He worked on building a new garbage area.  I was covered in dirt as the sunblock I was wearing was like a magnet for it.  We got a lot done and we were both dog tired when we finally came in at 4:30. 

Tomorrow is my regular Friday off and the Festival of the Bells starts tonight with a parade.  Free music, food vendors and crafters will line the streets starting tomorrow.  I guess everyone stages their lawn chair and just leaves it until they come back for it when the music starts.  My plan is to sit in my chair, listen to music, people watch and crochet dishcloths (because they are small and easy).  I'm looking forward to a good weekend. 

I've logged in 24 hours on the Etsy order.  Here is a pic of one end of it.  It's coming along nicely.

I'd like to think I am about 1/5 of the way finished.  My deadline is around Aug 15th.  I think I will have no problem being finished on time, if not before.  Unless something comes up that keeps me from working on it. 

Still no solid info on the new job.  I'm not giving up on it.