Monday, December 31, 2012

Bye Bye 2012!

Welcome 2013!!!

Gosh, it's hard to believe that the year is almost over.  It's been an interesting year.  I'm thankful for many things.  I'm also glad to see it ending for many reasons.  Let's not go there.  Let's stay happy!

We got SNOW!!!  About 6 inches came in during the night a couple nights back.  I was so excited to see it in the morning.  I actually stood on our deck looking out at the pristine white with tears in my eyes.  It was so beautiful.  The girls are doing just fine.  Seems they don't like their blankets much and would prefer not to wear them.  Mom makes them most nights though - just cause it makes me sleep better.

After today I am off until January 7th!  I have started another scrap throw and I have a new scarf in mind.  We will be taking down the Christmas decorations and also getting the DH's train room in a better condition for him to start his train!  Very exciting!!!

No plans for tonight other than homemade pizza and kicking back!  I plan on trying to blog more often during my time off!  I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve. 


  1. Staying in is my kind of New Year's. Love the beautiful snow, it looks like a winter wonderland.
    Happy New Year,

  2. Happy New Year dear!!!

    I am so jealous!!! I want snow! We got flurries on Friday and again night before last but nothing that stayed. :(

    I pray the Lord will bless you and your hubby in the coming year.