Friday, June 29, 2012

What to post...

Today I am struggling with what to post.  I have a lot going on inside my head and although it wants to come out, it's not doing such a good job.  Or I'm not doing a very good job getting it all out.  Either way I'm a bit pensive.  I'm also tired.  As in I wish I could sleep until I'm no longer tired.  Does one ever really reach that point?  Maybe I should stop whining.

I worked on the Etsy order blanket last night.  I finished up the first main color strip and started to wind the ball for the next strip of the scrap yarn.  I love doing this part.  Just grabbing balls from my stash and seeing all the colors makes me a happy girl.

We turned the horses out into the pasture area we have completed last night.  They were quite happy with it and so am I.  We'll put up more boards as the money allows.  Right now they have a nice area to graze in and walk about.  The good thing is they are able to get away from one another.  I've noticed lately the older mare is getting a bit mean towards the younger one.  Could be the heat and could be they are always together, but as soon as you separate them the older mare goes crazy!  I didn't snap any pics last night.  The DH was in a mood and a little testy.  Not sure why.  Might have been the heat. 

Well, I'm hoping for a quick Friday at work.  I hate wishing my life away, but really - enough is enough of th workplace for one week.  Bring on the weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The World Keeps Turning

I'm old enough now to know that no matter what the world keeps turning.  The sun comes up every morning no matter how badly you are feeling and everyone else keeps doing what they do.  So I'm not certain why I'm surprised when I am confronted with this.  Case in point - my mother is angry at my husband for not putting up her shutters.  Well, that's supposedly one reason she is mad.  This morning I learn that my sister's "boyfriend" (and I use that term loosely because he's really more of a booty call) put her shutters up yesterday.  Now I'm not necessarily mad at him and I'm not necessarily mad at my sister and I'm not really mad at my mom either.  I'm just surprised is all.  After all the hoopla about the damn shutters going up she got them up without too much fanfare from a guy that frankly I'm surprised owns a screwdriver.  So was the shutters just an excuse for her to be mad?  Was it all a bunch of drama for naught?  I'm leaning that way.  On top of all this my mother tells my sister to tell me that there are over 400 fuel points on her Kroger card and I should use them before the month is up.  Really?  We're back to being nice now?  Does she not understand I don't want her fuel points and what makes her think after all of the horrible things she has said to me and about me I would even consider taking anything from her?  Am I holding a grudge?  Am I being ridiculous or is she?

The DH and I put up 10 more fence boards last night.  Now it's a fairly easy process and it looks great.  Here are two pics I took after we were done.  The DH doesn't like the first one because you can see how crooked our posts are.  LOL  I told him they were some of our first ones and the horses could care less and it gives the fence character.  Nothing wrong with a little character!

It's coming along just how I hoped it would.  It's a lot of work and a lot of money, but it will last for years to come and look great, too.

Crochet.  Just saying the word sometimes makes me tingle.  I sit at work day after day; hour after hour, minute after minute thinking about the wasted time.  Wasted time I could be crocheting.  After reading Meredith's post for today she has me all melancholy about my passion for yarn.  It's a great thought provoking post - you should check it out.  I do have a craft room and I do have shelves where most all of my yarn is out in full view for me to see.  Too often these days I have to walk through it and avert my eyes from the colors because I long to sit down and create!  Alas there isn't enough time for all of my ideas!  Her post got me thinking...Should I include my yarn and works in my will?  I'm not being funny here, but very serious.  Although I trust that my DH would do the right thing and try and find it a home, perhaps after I'm gone he will simply want it gone and not take care in where it all goes.  Perhaps my cousin will not be well or decide she can't take on my full stash.  Do all of my blankets and afghans end up at the local Good Will?  After reading her post I started to have visions of my yarn sitting in a dumpster or on a flea market table covered in dust.  The yarn I hold so near and dear to my being has a life as far as I am concerned.  It's not just fiber to me.  Thanks Meredith for a great post! 

The job seems to be slowly becoming a reality.  The wheels of the wagon stop now and then but I just got word that things are still moving along in my favor and I should have word today.  Thanks to all for the positive thoughts! 

Hope you enjoy your Thursday!  The weekend is on it's way!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mid Week

Greetings and Salutations from my little corner of the world.  I hope this post finds everyone doing well. 

Last night while the DH and I were out putting up fence boards the recruiter for the position called and left me a voicemail.  Apparently the company needs to have a manager speak with me before making their decision, so I am expecting his call at any time.  Positive thoughts and fingers crossed.  The recruiter implied this was a formality.  Let's hope he is right!

We managed to get up all of the boards we bought.  We have to do it in sections because right now we just can't afford to buy all of the boards we need.  After the first section went up the rest went up quickly and easily.  The owner of the lumber yard told us if you are close to divorce NEVER attempt to put up a fence together.  I know what he means.  Luckily the DH and I worked well together on both the posts and the boards. 

I didn't work on the blanket last night and chances are I won't tonight either as we are buying another ten boards and knowing us, we will want to put them up tonight.  The goal is to get one end started and then we can take the portable panels and run them across the open section.  That way the girls can go out onto the newly fenced section with the panels blocking the unfinished section.  As we finish more boards, we can move the portable panels back to give them more room.  That's the plan anyway.  We'll see how it goes.  In theory it seems like it will work out well giving the girls room to graze and stretch a little. 

I had a text conversation with my sister yesterday.  She had spoken to my mother who was basically trying to see how much damage she could do to me.  Her plan was to call the house phone and reach the DH and give him a piece of her mind.  I guess for now she decided she won't do that.  Right now I am about 99% sure I am going to 1) get rid of our house phone and 2) change our cell phone numbers.  We don't use the house phone anyway and the cell numbers need to be changed to this location anyway.  Nothing says I have to give her the new numbers.  I know she will get mine eventually but she can stew about it for a bit.  Why does this have to be so horrible?  If I had it to do over again I would not have moved here simply to avoid being near her.  But I am stronger than that and I am not going to allow her bitterness to ruin my good life.  Not now and not ever.  I'm not going out of my way to fight with her or even stoop to her level to talk about her.  I'm just letting it all go. 

Right now I have a lot on my plate and a lot to look forward to:

1)  New job (cuz I just know they are going to make me an offer!)
2)  The fencing/pasture for the girls - our first of many!
3)  The second half of the barn will hopefully go in 2 months early
4)  The DH and I are planning a Vegas trip
5)  My son and daughter are visiting next month!

I have much to be thankful and grateful for.  Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blanket started

As I said I would I started the Etsy blanket order last night.  I miscounted the first try and was about 16 inches too wide.  Don't ask me how I did that - I really don't know.  But now it's coming along real well and is just a tad wider than she asked for.  I figure that's not a bad thing.  Better to be bigger than too small.  I am keeping a log of how many hours I work on it.  I'm curious to know how long this blanket will take me in hours. 

No word on the job yet.  I'm still hopeful.  Yesterday I was very anxious and didn't get much done.  I hope today is better for me. 

The DH managed to install one of the 8 foot gates.  He's waiting for concrete to set before he installs the second one.  He's going to buy some boards today and will start actually putting them where he can on his own. 

Does everyone have plans for the 4th?  Right now we do not, but family has invited us to their bbq so we might do that.  I hate that it falls in the middle of the week.  I have to work before and after and I don't get paid for the holiday.  Bummer.  But it breaks up the week and that's a nice thought.  We might decide to do absolutely nothing.  I'm good at that.  Haha! 

Awhile back I was cutting up red and yellow peppers for a salad.  I kept some of the yellow pepper seeds and recently tossed them into an empty pot filled with new potting soil.  Over the weekend I noticed I had little plants coming up!  I'm rather excited about this.  I have a horrible brown thumb and find the less I touch plants the better they are.  I would love to have a garden next year, but I don't think I can manage one if I am still working, so perhaps that's something to think about once I am fully retired.  Ah, just the sound of that makes me smile.  I find some days it's really hard to get out the door to work.  Don't get me wrong - I enjoy working and enjoy the income - but really I would prefer to be a stay at home wife.  I truly think I could crochet for 8 hours a day and feel amazing about it.  Too bad that's not possible right now.

Okay, back to the grind stone!  Hope everyone has a great day!! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

1.  What was your favorite childhood toy?

Okay, you're going to think I'm nuts, but I had a horse brush and lead rope.  I would pretend to lead my horse around and then brush him.  All the time.  He went with us everywhere. 

2.  Where did you go this weekend?

We stayed home.  We had a lot of work to do getting fence posts up for our first pasture.  It was such great work.  The DH and I were giddy like little kids.  For years we have been dreaming of working on our own horse property and now we are.  It was hard.  I was sore and tired and got too much sun, but when I see those fence posts I feel great!

3.  When was the last time you shopped for yourself and what did you buy?

This is a tough one...  I consider buying yarn shopping for myself, but honestly I don't think this counts.  I buy the yarn to make things to sell or give away.  The last thing I bought for myself was a pair of muck boots from Tractor Supply.  They are so great and so necessary here when it rains. 

4.  Paper, plastic or reuseable?

We are big fans of the plastic bags because we use them when we clean our litter box.  I know, terrible habit to be in and we have talked about an alternative. 

And my own 5th question......

5.  What is your dream job? 

Dishcloth Mania

I have been crocheting dishcloths like crazy and I have no idea why.  I think part of it is they work up so easy and it's easy to feel a sense of completion quickly as a result.  I have a basketful and some of them are so pretty it's hard to part with them.  But really how many dishcloths can one person have?  LOL  So I will gift them and enjoy the thought of my dishcloths in lots of people's kitchens! 

We had a busy start to our weekend.  We got the post hole machine on Friday and worked from 12:30 till 7pm getting the 50 posts in.  The first 5 really kicked our butts, but then we got the hang of it and were on a roll.  Here are a couple of pics...

Next is to put the two gates in and then start on the fence boards.  We are going with a traditional horse fence - that's 4 boards across and then one down the pole.  Lots of boards to nail! 

Thursday's interview went really well and I am supposed to hear from the recruiter today.  Fingers crossed.  The drive isn't as bad as we first thought and looks to be just a smidge over and hour ( about what I drive now ).  The building is beautiful and really sounds like a great job opportunity.  I hope I get this one!!
Hope everyone has a great Monday.  :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just another day?

I think not.  Since the passing of my Dear Aunt, life has a different feel to it these days.  I know that every day is a gift and no matter it's outcome - good or bad - we should embrace making the most out of every day.  There are so many things I enjoy doing, which has always been a big problem for me.  I don't just like one thing (like crocheting).  I like horses, reading, motorcycles, sports, socializing.  I've never figured out a way to crochet while riding my horse or my motorcycle.  There are so few hours in the day and I have to sleep!  So to some my life might seem chaotic and jumbled with no direction.  To me I am doing what I can in the time I have to do it.  For me it's about enjoying my time. 

I have another interview tomorrow morning with a good company.  The only drawback to this position is the location.  The pay is amazing.  The DH and I had a heart to heart last night.  I need to be clear on his expectations if I were to get this position.  There was a time our marriage almost ended due to my commute.  What sort of irritated me was he jumped to that scenario right away.  I reminded him of our overall goal and how we both agreed we would need to compromise and sacrifice when we moved here.  I told him point blank I could not accept this job and apply myself 100% if in the back of my mind I worried he was getting mad at my hours and time I had to put in.  For someone that is now officially retired I felt like he needed to give me some room here.  I'm the bread winner in the family and paying off our debt in the next few years as we agreed really falls on my shoulders.  We did come to an agreement and agreed as long as we keep each other informed and the money is coming in we could make this happen.  Now I just have to get this job. 

And it's a great job.  At least from the description and after speaking with the manager yesterday.  I need that.  I need a job where I feel I have a purpose and not just taking up a chair and computer.  Something I can really sink myself into.  I hope this is the one. 

The fenceposts and gates are ready to be installed.  We start tomorrow evening.  Only 50 posts are going up, but that's a nice size pasture and just the start to our little farm.  The DH and I are like kids.  Seeing the posts and gates made me giddy last night.  For anyone that owns horses, you may understand this sensation.  Besides I'm a compartmental-type of person.  I like fences and gates and lines and everything has it's place.  Because of the size of the pasture and the way it ends short of the property line, we are talking about putting in the bridge and other trail obstacles on that end.  It would be a great place for some nice trees, small bridge for the horses to cross (no water probably just river rock) and maybe some railroad ties for an "L" shaped turn.  Perhaps even a mailbox?  We'll see. 

Thought I'd show you a pic of the blanket the order was requested from:
SALE TODAY ONLY Gold and Navy Ribbed Signature Ranch Scrap Afghan

Like I wrote yesterday, she wants the same design, using the gold, but instead of the navy she wants black and she wants it almost twice as big as this.  It's just what I am calling the Signature Ranch Blanket.  So fun to make and I love the creativity involved.  She told me she considers this a work of art, not just a blanket.  I was humbled by her comment.  I just love the feel of the yarn in my hands.  To have someone look upon as she does is something I hoped for so I am really pleased. 

Well, I need to post this and go on with my day.  Have a great Hump Day!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Not An Hallucination

Yes, I am really posting.  Wow, has it been that long since I was in touch?  Time sure flies.  And sadly, I've not been having much fun.  I am going to try and catch up with everyone's blogs.  Not making any promises.  I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to reading what you've been working on and what your lives have been filled with the past 2 months or so...

I'm not going to run on here, but I do want to tell you about my most recent ... revolution.  I am no longer speaking to my mother.  It seems as if she has very horrible and nasty things to say about me and my husband, who she absolutely HATES.  No kidding.  She and I have gotten into two loud an unpleasant fights over the phone and to be honest, I am done.  I do not need THAT in my life.  At first I was really sad about moving here and it was killing me as to if I were happy about being here.  I started to think we had made a terrible mistake.  However, the DH and I really like it here and it's nice being around other family members.  So although I never say never, I'm going to say that if I never see her again that's fine with me. 

We are putting fencing up starting Thursday.  Not a lot, but enough for a small pasture for the girls.  We are so excited!  We will do more as money permits.  I am still looking for the perfect permanent job.  Fingers crossed and prayers please! 

I did sell two blankets through my Etsy store.  The white and cream ribbed blanket and then I got a special order from a woman in Canada for one similar to the gold and navy one I have listed.  Only she wants it a lot bigger.  She didn't flinch at the cost and shipping, nor at the request for 1/2 up front.  I will be starting that this weekend with a deadline of 2 months. 

Okay, that's it for now.  Hope to hear from you all soon!