Thursday, June 28, 2012

The World Keeps Turning

I'm old enough now to know that no matter what the world keeps turning.  The sun comes up every morning no matter how badly you are feeling and everyone else keeps doing what they do.  So I'm not certain why I'm surprised when I am confronted with this.  Case in point - my mother is angry at my husband for not putting up her shutters.  Well, that's supposedly one reason she is mad.  This morning I learn that my sister's "boyfriend" (and I use that term loosely because he's really more of a booty call) put her shutters up yesterday.  Now I'm not necessarily mad at him and I'm not necessarily mad at my sister and I'm not really mad at my mom either.  I'm just surprised is all.  After all the hoopla about the damn shutters going up she got them up without too much fanfare from a guy that frankly I'm surprised owns a screwdriver.  So was the shutters just an excuse for her to be mad?  Was it all a bunch of drama for naught?  I'm leaning that way.  On top of all this my mother tells my sister to tell me that there are over 400 fuel points on her Kroger card and I should use them before the month is up.  Really?  We're back to being nice now?  Does she not understand I don't want her fuel points and what makes her think after all of the horrible things she has said to me and about me I would even consider taking anything from her?  Am I holding a grudge?  Am I being ridiculous or is she?

The DH and I put up 10 more fence boards last night.  Now it's a fairly easy process and it looks great.  Here are two pics I took after we were done.  The DH doesn't like the first one because you can see how crooked our posts are.  LOL  I told him they were some of our first ones and the horses could care less and it gives the fence character.  Nothing wrong with a little character!

It's coming along just how I hoped it would.  It's a lot of work and a lot of money, but it will last for years to come and look great, too.

Crochet.  Just saying the word sometimes makes me tingle.  I sit at work day after day; hour after hour, minute after minute thinking about the wasted time.  Wasted time I could be crocheting.  After reading Meredith's post for today she has me all melancholy about my passion for yarn.  It's a great thought provoking post - you should check it out.  I do have a craft room and I do have shelves where most all of my yarn is out in full view for me to see.  Too often these days I have to walk through it and avert my eyes from the colors because I long to sit down and create!  Alas there isn't enough time for all of my ideas!  Her post got me thinking...Should I include my yarn and works in my will?  I'm not being funny here, but very serious.  Although I trust that my DH would do the right thing and try and find it a home, perhaps after I'm gone he will simply want it gone and not take care in where it all goes.  Perhaps my cousin will not be well or decide she can't take on my full stash.  Do all of my blankets and afghans end up at the local Good Will?  After reading her post I started to have visions of my yarn sitting in a dumpster or on a flea market table covered in dust.  The yarn I hold so near and dear to my being has a life as far as I am concerned.  It's not just fiber to me.  Thanks Meredith for a great post! 

The job seems to be slowly becoming a reality.  The wheels of the wagon stop now and then but I just got word that things are still moving along in my favor and I should have word today.  Thanks to all for the positive thoughts! 

Hope you enjoy your Thursday!  The weekend is on it's way!


  1. Of course you are still in favor, you are wonderful. The fence is looking mighty fine, I bet your girls will be so happy to be able to roam wherever they want inside the fence when it is done. As for parents, I have said it before, we can't pick them. Do your best to try and stay out of your Mom's craziness, and breathe. Thanks for talking about my post today. I am seriously thinking of having my knitting/crochet go to my niece, whether she wants it or not.
    Hugs to you,

  2. The crooked ones will be a good memory down the road. You are doing great! I am sorry about the difficulties with your mom. Do you think some of it stems from your aunts passing? Could it be that she's taking her grief out on you? I want so badly to create! I cannot wait until my arm gets better so I can.

  3. Thank you Meredith and FoFo. Honestly I think my mom is crazy and mean. Her sister's passing might have sent her spinning, but then again she has always been "off". So I suppose I shouldn't be so shocked, right? I always hope for the best. I don't always get that.

    I hope you can start crochting/knitting again soon FoFo!

    Hugs to you both on this Friday!