Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

I find it ever so difficult to sit at the computer and blog when the DH is around.  He enjoys looking over my shoulder.  He doesn't understand or "get" blogs, but he's quite nosey about what I find so interesting and what I blog about.  Luckily he took off this morning to run some errands and get some breakfast at our local diner.  I needed some "me" time.

I finally recieved my offer letter and my official start date is the 13th.  The letter contained some funny wording though and I am asking for clarification. The first of which is that the contract is only for 14 weeks.  Now I was quite certain this particular position was at the least 12 months.  Secondly I am not permitted to approach the client company regarding a full time position.  I'm not sure what this means or implies, so I asked for that to be cleared up.  The money can't start coming in soon enough, but if this turns out to be a 14 week gig I am really going to be UPSET.  I have been literally waiting on this company for two months and have turned down numerous other job possibilities for this one.  Needless to say I am anxious for the reply email with answers.

On a good note, my DH went for his "interview" with the landscaping company my cousin works for.  They hire temporary workers for their outlet sale and the DH got brought on to be the "lead" for the material handlers.  It's pretty excited about it and on top of that he gets paid $3 more an hour than the regular handlers.  It's about a 7 week job starting the end of August.  That will bring in some extra cash.

I am reaching the final rows of the special order blanket.  I laid it out on my King bed to take measurements and although I made it a point to go over what was required it's still coming up short on the width.  Now I have checked this blanket throughout the process and could have sworn my numbers were spot on.  Now it's shows I'm about 10 inches too SHORT???  Additionally the lady asked for no border, but the weight of this blanket alone is making the edges sag, so I am going to suggest to her a border along the lengthwise edges to help keep it's shape.  I'm hoping after I block it it will regain it's original size and I can stop worrying.  I have done enough of these to know you have to allow for stitches to pull in your chain stitch so you never make it just the right at that count, but 10 inches has me a bit worried.  We'll see how it goes. 

I had an excellent idea for a display for my dishcloths. I've asked the DH to help me pull it together and when it's all said and done I will fill you in on it.  I am going to work with a local vender in town for a small display section.  They are opening a unique little shop and I think my dishcloths would be something they just might be interested in...  Wish me luck!

I hope you are all having a great week. 

Chats on the farmhouse porch

Everyday Ruralty

Here are our questions for today:
  1. Do you like to sing? What kind of music are you likely to sing?
  2. Do you watch soap operas (daytime TV), or have you ever?
  3. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
  4. What's your favorite easy meal when the weather is hot?
  5. Tell me something about the past week.

1.  I do, but I know I'm horrible, so I limit my singing to the car on my commute.  I love all types of music.

2.  No.  I grew up surrounded by people that did but I never got into it.

3.  Neither, but I should.  I have a pair I bought for when I am reading, but nothing perscribed.

4.  Chicken salad or BLTs.

5.  I've had a weekend of waiting.  Waiting to find out the start date of my new contract.  It went by quickly.  I'm hoping this week off goes slower.

Monday Catch Up

Acting Balanced

1. Where do you go to get your news?

2. What Olympic level skill do you have (e.g. One could be a world-class paper clip bender)?

3. If I say the word, 'intellectual,' what do you think?

4. Who in your family do you look the most like?

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

5.  What's your ideal sleep hours?

1.  Mostly from Yahoo online.  That's my homepage and I just pick the stories that interest me.

2.  Geez, I'd have to say stall mucker.  I'm pretty good at that.  LOL

3.  Well rounded.  I think anyone who is truly intellectual can speak about many subjects well.

4.  Sadly, my Mother.

5.  I would like to be able to sleep less than I currently need to.  I require 8 hours to function.  That's a big junk of time when you have so little.  I'd like to be in bed by 11 and wake up at 5 energized and ready to take on the day. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just stumbling along...

It's amazing how much one can miss when one doesn't sit in front of a computer 9 hours a day.  I just spent the time to play catch up on everyone's blogs for the past week.  You guys have been busy and creative.

My week off was alright until yesterday.  The DH talked me into getting my nails and toes done in preparation for the new job starting Monday.  It was nice to do this for myself.  I love it when my nails are done and my feet were in need of a pedicure and now my toes look so cute.  However, yesterday I got a call that I won't be starting the new job on the 6th.  They have pushed it back to the 13th.  So this is a glass half empty, half full scenario.  On the one hand we were not expecting not to have a paycheck for 3 weeks.  That puts us in a tight situation and pushed the second half of the barn back yet another 2-3 weeks.  It also makes for a boring second week off.  No money means no frivilous trips to lunch, take in a ball game, etc. 

Now I have plenty to do around the house.  I am still chugging along on the special order blanket.  I have almost used up my entire stash of cotton yarns for dishcloths.  There's always something to do with the horses.  So it's not like I am bored...just bored with what is available to do.  Just having a little extra mad money would be nice.  Now I'm just being whiney.  I'll stop.  LOL