Thursday, January 26, 2012

Too Long

Now that I can't blog from work it seems I can't find the time...  Grrrr.  Doesn't mean I haven't been busy.  I have been trying very hard to promote my Etsy shop and sales are just not there.  It's very frustrating, but I know most of it is my anxiety and impatience with retail.  I'm just not cut out for it.  So I need to take a chill pill and just keep on doing what I love - which is crochet.  I'm not going to worry too much about sales. 

I finally tapped into my stash of chenille and I'm really glad I did.  I've done two lovely scarves that I have been tempted to keep for myself, but I already have about 50.  LOL  So they are posted on the shop and have gotten some attention and such, so I know the right buyer will come along.  Several of the chenilles I have are actually from Turkey.  I have been hesitant about using them, but then decided what was I waiting for?  This first pic is a pretty multicolored number using Lion brand chenille in black, royal and claret. 

The other one I made I used the Turkish chenille.  It's the very light blue, and two darker shades of blue.  I call it Bluegrass because that's what I think of when I see it.  The chenille is wonderfully soft.  I also used vintage yarn in this one.  The olive color is from 1975, if you can believe it. 

It looks so great with jeans, doesn't it? 

I did recieve the most wonderful gift in the mail from Debi over at Dly's Hooks and Yarns.  Not only did she send the most charming granny square, but she also sent me lip gloss from Mary Kay!!  Thank you so much!!!  The lip gloss is a wonderful shade - perfect with my complexion!  I must say after receiving her square I was a tad bit embarrassed to send mine.  Her stitch is so perfect and beautiful!!  My square looked like it was done by a 1st grader. 

Lastly I had to share this pic of Hooters. For some reason she has taken a liking to my trash can and hops in all the time and just sits there.  Every time I see her I laugh. 

I have put down my hook for a few days waiting for some creative juices to flow my way.  Until then the DH and I are doing taxes, visiting horses and enjoying the rain.  We're getting it in buckets.  If it were only colder I'd be writing this snowed in for certain! 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And we're off!

Two sales in as many days on Etsy.  Don't I wish that was a sign of things to come?  It's thrilling and at the same time very nerve racking.  You never know if the purchaser is going to get the item and go, "Oh.  Ick."  Then ask for a full refund.  I suppose you just have to roll with it and hope for the best and have confidence in your product. 

Speaking of....  I dropped into Wal-Mart yesterday.  I needed a skein of black yarn from Red Heart and picked up two pretty skeins of a Bernat Premium in a lovely tan.  My Mother's hair stylist loved her scarf and in a round about way asked if she could get one, so Mom volunteered.  Doesn't it always work that way?  Anyway, while I was there I scanned the hooks and bought two plastic oversized ones.  I've never used them before so I was anxious to try them out.  What a neat stitch!!  Now I get how some of the crocheters make those wonderful oversized stitched items I so love.  I started a scarf and hope to have it finished up by the weekend.  Sorry, no photos yet.

Fofo, great idea about sketching my ideas.  I found an unused notebook and started it just for that idea.  Thanks! 

I was angry last night.  The new season of "JUSTIFIED" was on at 10.  I wanted so badly to stay awake for it, but by 9:30 I was nodding off on the couch and had to go to sleep.  The DH konked out  before me.  That has made my mind up to go ahead and get a DVR from Direct TV so we can tape it and then watch it whenever we want.  Love me some Timothy Olyphant!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Building an Ark

I absolutely cannot believe how much rain has come down this morning.  I wish I could describe it to you.  The only thing I can say is that those of us at work have decided it's time to build an Ark.  We work in a single story building and the roof is the ideal instrument for letting us know the tempo of the rain.  Suffice it to say we have been awed numerous times this morning at the downpour that has interupted meetings and conversations and has people running for the windows for a peek.  I LOVE IT.  The only thing that would be better is I wish I were home crocheting.  If this rain were snow, we'd surely be experiencing FEET of snow.  Oh well. 

Okay, so I have this huge container of balls of yarn.  I am literally going crazy trying to use it.  I have this idea in my head and can't seem to get it to come out of my hands.  I need a breakthrough.  With so much yarn I could make some really cool scarves -- all of them bouncing around in my brain housing group looking for a way to be created.  It's almost like I feel restricted.  By what or whom?  I have no idea.

The barn plans are still on track.  The DH and I are getting more excited every day.  And to FlowerGurl, yes we are really stoked and this is a dream come true.  I've always had to board my horses.  For some reason I haven't been able to reply to your comment on that original post, but I wanted to say thanks for stopping by!! 

I have been having some dreams of late.  Nothing out of the ordinary but I was wondering (perhaps hoping) that someone that reads this blog might have some insight into what they may mean? 

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Friday, January 13, 2012


As I type this I am scarfing down the last couple bites of a Dunkin Donuts cream filled goodie.  It's almost too much for me to bear it's so delish.  I know I shouldn't but it was calling my name this morning.

We didn't get as much bad weather (snow, ice) as they had forecast yesterday.  The wind was very strong yesterday evening and blew all last night.  Our manufactured home stood up quite well through the 25-45 mile per hour gusts.  We have a "whistle" or "howl" of sorts coming from some spot close to our master bathroom.  The DH swears he will find it when weather permits.  I could really care less.  It certainly didn't keep me from sleeping.

For some odd reason I was up last night till almost midnight.  I started one of those beanies with the beards for a friend of mine that still lives in CA.  He told me he is beard challenged and asked me to make him one.  The beanie is working up nicely.  Although I would love to get home tonight and continue the roll I am on, the DH's computer is giving him fits so I told him I would work on it this evening.  That always turns into a long process of deleting software and such.  Since we have the new provider and I went with their virus protection I need to install that and get rid of the old stuff.  It just keeps locking up on him and I'm tired of hearing him whine. 

Tomorrow is a horse visit day.  I'm hoping they are doing well and don't show signs of depression.  We put the down payment on our barn and if the weather is such that the ground freezes it will be delivered mid February.  The DH will need about two weeks to build the hay barn on to it and then set up the pipe corrals.  We could see a delivery date for the horses the first week of March.  Then, my dear friends, we will really be "home".  For too many years it has been my dream to look out my window and see my horses on my property.  I have never experienced this - so for me to be this close to a life long dream is rather surreal. 

The barn we have chosen is really 3 sections.  The first section being delivered is a three sided number which will be two stalls.  The DH will close up the front, leaving a Dutch door for each 12 x 10 stall and we will build onto it from there.  The second section (which is identical to the first) will hopefully be bought before Fall.  They will face each other.  The 3rd section will be built by the DH - it's the roof that will complete the barn.  Fencing will start as soon as the weather breaks and money permits.  In the meantime we are purchasing pipe corrals for turn out.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I either need to win the lotto or get a better attitude.  Taking into consideration the odds of my winning the lotto I suppose the latter is in order.  Ugh.  I hate attitude adjustments. 

I finished up the pocket scarf last night and will now move on to a granny blanket.  In that I will also make a square for the granny swap with Dly's Hooks and Yarns.  I'm excited to get started on something new.  Here is a pic of the pocket scarf.  I think it turned out alright. 

Why do we have blinders on when it come to things we should see?  Why do we only see what we want to??

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Monday, January 9, 2012


After reading FoFo's post I realized that's what I need - to change things up a bit.  I have been so focused on scarves lately and I'm pretty much over them at the moment.  Her idea of making afghans/blankets sounds very appealing so I am going to do just that.  I know in an older post I mentioned I wanted to make a barn blanket for the woman who cares for my two horses.  I have abandoned that idea for a couple of reasons.  I am really thinking about a granny square blanket and I have so much leftover yarn to make a very colorful one.  So I am thinking I will work on that -- maybe a Mother's Day gift for my Mom?  Who knows..

Yesterday I started painting our master bath.  Now that its dried completely I really love the color I picked - Pacific Shoreline.  We are going with the dark hardware (towel rack, etc) and I'm asking the DH to put small shelves in black - maybe a corner shelf for candles. 

We also resolved our barn issue and the way things look it will be delivered the end of February.  It's a modular type building.  We are both so excited.  We staked out the placement of the barn and where we will put the temporary pipe corrals until we can get our wooden horse fencing in.  Right now the plan is for the horses to be on our property mid March.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay, 2012.  I'm ready for you so bring what you got!  I'll echo the sentiments of just about everyone I know -- where did 2011 go??  Talk about a blur.  I always said when I moved to Ohio and settled in I would not waste time anymore and I really plan on keeping that promise to myself.  It's not easy, but then nothing good ever is.  By the time I get home from working the thing most appealing is to plop down on the couch with yarn and hook.  Although that's extremely enjoyable and does produce something I can't ONLY do that.  So I have promised myself to branch out and 1) read more, 2) exercise more, and 3) TBD.  I have it in my head how I want to be a better person - I just can't put it into words. 

I am a self proclaimed Weather Geek.  I always have been from a very young age.  The weather fascinates me and looking back I could have been a meteorologist.  Why I never went that route is beyond me.  So I naturally gravitate towards those types of books.  Jim Cantore and I are kindred spirits.  <3 him!

I also love reading biographies about presidents or other political figures.  History holds a special attraction for me, too.  I used to read everything I could find on the Civil War. 

The only fiction books I read in the past twenty years has been ones written by Tom Clancy, and although fiction it's as close to non-fiction as they come.  His knowledge of the military and political scene is uncanny. 

So this year when I decided to read more I meant I really want to try and broaden my scope.  I knew if I picked up something so outside my box I probably wouldn't finish it, so I selected a book I read a very long time ago - "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".  I'm into my 3rd day of reading it and I am enjoying it.  I have to remember it's just a book. 

I did finish up the last scarf for the Dad of my Mom's neighbors.  I think it came out nice and it has a good feel to it. 

And here's a pic of my cat Dumpster.  She's the diabetic one, although these days you'd never know it.  Her coat is back to normal and her dandruff is gone and she has that sparkle in her eye again.  This is her favorite position.  She rolls over all the time whenever I speak to her for me to rub her belly.  Sometimes she gets downright ferocious and will bite my hand! 

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