Monday, January 9, 2012


After reading FoFo's post I realized that's what I need - to change things up a bit.  I have been so focused on scarves lately and I'm pretty much over them at the moment.  Her idea of making afghans/blankets sounds very appealing so I am going to do just that.  I know in an older post I mentioned I wanted to make a barn blanket for the woman who cares for my two horses.  I have abandoned that idea for a couple of reasons.  I am really thinking about a granny square blanket and I have so much leftover yarn to make a very colorful one.  So I am thinking I will work on that -- maybe a Mother's Day gift for my Mom?  Who knows..

Yesterday I started painting our master bath.  Now that its dried completely I really love the color I picked - Pacific Shoreline.  We are going with the dark hardware (towel rack, etc) and I'm asking the DH to put small shelves in black - maybe a corner shelf for candles. 

We also resolved our barn issue and the way things look it will be delivered the end of February.  It's a modular type building.  We are both so excited.  We staked out the placement of the barn and where we will put the temporary pipe corrals until we can get our wooden horse fencing in.  Right now the plan is for the horses to be on our property mid March.

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood

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  1. Change is a good thing! I've started on my first blanket! I've made 27 of the 73 smaller squares and I have 60 large blocks to make. I'm having fun with it! I'll be posting pictures soon.

    I bet you are so excited to be able to get your horses on your ranch! You will have to post pictures so I can see. I can't wait to see your blanket!