Friday, January 13, 2012


As I type this I am scarfing down the last couple bites of a Dunkin Donuts cream filled goodie.  It's almost too much for me to bear it's so delish.  I know I shouldn't but it was calling my name this morning.

We didn't get as much bad weather (snow, ice) as they had forecast yesterday.  The wind was very strong yesterday evening and blew all last night.  Our manufactured home stood up quite well through the 25-45 mile per hour gusts.  We have a "whistle" or "howl" of sorts coming from some spot close to our master bathroom.  The DH swears he will find it when weather permits.  I could really care less.  It certainly didn't keep me from sleeping.

For some odd reason I was up last night till almost midnight.  I started one of those beanies with the beards for a friend of mine that still lives in CA.  He told me he is beard challenged and asked me to make him one.  The beanie is working up nicely.  Although I would love to get home tonight and continue the roll I am on, the DH's computer is giving him fits so I told him I would work on it this evening.  That always turns into a long process of deleting software and such.  Since we have the new provider and I went with their virus protection I need to install that and get rid of the old stuff.  It just keeps locking up on him and I'm tired of hearing him whine. 

Tomorrow is a horse visit day.  I'm hoping they are doing well and don't show signs of depression.  We put the down payment on our barn and if the weather is such that the ground freezes it will be delivered mid February.  The DH will need about two weeks to build the hay barn on to it and then set up the pipe corrals.  We could see a delivery date for the horses the first week of March.  Then, my dear friends, we will really be "home".  For too many years it has been my dream to look out my window and see my horses on my property.  I have never experienced this - so for me to be this close to a life long dream is rather surreal. 

The barn we have chosen is really 3 sections.  The first section being delivered is a three sided number which will be two stalls.  The DH will close up the front, leaving a Dutch door for each 12 x 10 stall and we will build onto it from there.  The second section (which is identical to the first) will hopefully be bought before Fall.  They will face each other.  The 3rd section will be built by the DH - it's the roof that will complete the barn.  Fencing will start as soon as the weather breaks and money permits.  In the meantime we are purchasing pipe corrals for turn out.

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)" by Looking Glass

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  1. Wow, you must be so excited. I wish I lived in a place where I could keep horses. :)