Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I either need to win the lotto or get a better attitude.  Taking into consideration the odds of my winning the lotto I suppose the latter is in order.  Ugh.  I hate attitude adjustments. 

I finished up the pocket scarf last night and will now move on to a granny blanket.  In that I will also make a square for the granny swap with Dly's Hooks and Yarns.  I'm excited to get started on something new.  Here is a pic of the pocket scarf.  I think it turned out alright. 

Why do we have blinders on when it come to things we should see?  Why do we only see what we want to??

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri

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  1. The scarf is lovely! I like the black and white with the red.

    Because we don't want to see the truth, especially if it's a hard truth. Same reason. Sometimes I ignore things just because I don't want to deal with it and I hope it resolves itself. Doesn't usually work though. Better to face it and get it over with. (((HUGS)))