Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Okay, 2012.  I'm ready for you so bring what you got!  I'll echo the sentiments of just about everyone I know -- where did 2011 go??  Talk about a blur.  I always said when I moved to Ohio and settled in I would not waste time anymore and I really plan on keeping that promise to myself.  It's not easy, but then nothing good ever is.  By the time I get home from working the thing most appealing is to plop down on the couch with yarn and hook.  Although that's extremely enjoyable and does produce something I can't ONLY do that.  So I have promised myself to branch out and 1) read more, 2) exercise more, and 3) TBD.  I have it in my head how I want to be a better person - I just can't put it into words. 

I am a self proclaimed Weather Geek.  I always have been from a very young age.  The weather fascinates me and looking back I could have been a meteorologist.  Why I never went that route is beyond me.  So I naturally gravitate towards those types of books.  Jim Cantore and I are kindred spirits.  <3 him!

I also love reading biographies about presidents or other political figures.  History holds a special attraction for me, too.  I used to read everything I could find on the Civil War. 

The only fiction books I read in the past twenty years has been ones written by Tom Clancy, and although fiction it's as close to non-fiction as they come.  His knowledge of the military and political scene is uncanny. 

So this year when I decided to read more I meant I really want to try and broaden my scope.  I knew if I picked up something so outside my box I probably wouldn't finish it, so I selected a book I read a very long time ago - "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea".  I'm into my 3rd day of reading it and I am enjoying it.  I have to remember it's just a book. 

I did finish up the last scarf for the Dad of my Mom's neighbors.  I think it came out nice and it has a good feel to it. 

And here's a pic of my cat Dumpster.  She's the diabetic one, although these days you'd never know it.  Her coat is back to normal and her dandruff is gone and she has that sparkle in her eye again.  This is her favorite position.  She rolls over all the time whenever I speak to her for me to rub her belly.  Sometimes she gets downright ferocious and will bite my hand! 

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Heaven" by OAR

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  1. Your fur baby is lovely! I had a calico like that years ago. I really like the color of your scarf, I'm sure the man that it's intended for will love it! There is such a wide range of books out there and so many genre that I'm sure you will find something you like. Personally, I like the Sookie Stackhouse Series. It can be quite naughty at times but the stories are good. I like the Twilight Series and there is another book out by the same author that was good as well, it's more of a sci fi type book. There's also Monster Hunters International which is kinda sci fi too and believe it or not the Halo books based on the video game are good too. The Alex Cross Series is good as well. I hope you find something that works for you! I am on the getting in shape band wagon too. We have a girl in our office that is part time personal trainer and we're going to walk on afternoon breaks.

    Have a great weekend!