Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Building an Ark

I absolutely cannot believe how much rain has come down this morning.  I wish I could describe it to you.  The only thing I can say is that those of us at work have decided it's time to build an Ark.  We work in a single story building and the roof is the ideal instrument for letting us know the tempo of the rain.  Suffice it to say we have been awed numerous times this morning at the downpour that has interupted meetings and conversations and has people running for the windows for a peek.  I LOVE IT.  The only thing that would be better is I wish I were home crocheting.  If this rain were snow, we'd surely be experiencing FEET of snow.  Oh well. 

Okay, so I have this huge container of balls of yarn.  I am literally going crazy trying to use it.  I have this idea in my head and can't seem to get it to come out of my hands.  I need a breakthrough.  With so much yarn I could make some really cool scarves -- all of them bouncing around in my brain housing group looking for a way to be created.  It's almost like I feel restricted.  By what or whom?  I have no idea.

The barn plans are still on track.  The DH and I are getting more excited every day.  And to FlowerGurl, yes we are really stoked and this is a dream come true.  I've always had to board my horses.  For some reason I haven't been able to reply to your comment on that original post, but I wanted to say thanks for stopping by!! 

I have been having some dreams of late.  Nothing out of the ordinary but I was wondering (perhaps hoping) that someone that reads this blog might have some insight into what they may mean? 

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Stone Cold" by Rainbow


  1. I know what you mean about the rain, it's been raining off and on all day. Sometimes its pouring others sprinkling. I wish it were snow.

    Sketch out your ideas, may help to put order to your thoughts.

  2. There is a lovely website called dreammoods.com that has various interpretations on symbols in dreams. It might not tell you exactly what they mean, but it might help to give you some insight into what they could represent.