Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just another day?

I think not.  Since the passing of my Dear Aunt, life has a different feel to it these days.  I know that every day is a gift and no matter it's outcome - good or bad - we should embrace making the most out of every day.  There are so many things I enjoy doing, which has always been a big problem for me.  I don't just like one thing (like crocheting).  I like horses, reading, motorcycles, sports, socializing.  I've never figured out a way to crochet while riding my horse or my motorcycle.  There are so few hours in the day and I have to sleep!  So to some my life might seem chaotic and jumbled with no direction.  To me I am doing what I can in the time I have to do it.  For me it's about enjoying my time. 

I have another interview tomorrow morning with a good company.  The only drawback to this position is the location.  The pay is amazing.  The DH and I had a heart to heart last night.  I need to be clear on his expectations if I were to get this position.  There was a time our marriage almost ended due to my commute.  What sort of irritated me was he jumped to that scenario right away.  I reminded him of our overall goal and how we both agreed we would need to compromise and sacrifice when we moved here.  I told him point blank I could not accept this job and apply myself 100% if in the back of my mind I worried he was getting mad at my hours and time I had to put in.  For someone that is now officially retired I felt like he needed to give me some room here.  I'm the bread winner in the family and paying off our debt in the next few years as we agreed really falls on my shoulders.  We did come to an agreement and agreed as long as we keep each other informed and the money is coming in we could make this happen.  Now I just have to get this job. 

And it's a great job.  At least from the description and after speaking with the manager yesterday.  I need that.  I need a job where I feel I have a purpose and not just taking up a chair and computer.  Something I can really sink myself into.  I hope this is the one. 

The fenceposts and gates are ready to be installed.  We start tomorrow evening.  Only 50 posts are going up, but that's a nice size pasture and just the start to our little farm.  The DH and I are like kids.  Seeing the posts and gates made me giddy last night.  For anyone that owns horses, you may understand this sensation.  Besides I'm a compartmental-type of person.  I like fences and gates and lines and everything has it's place.  Because of the size of the pasture and the way it ends short of the property line, we are talking about putting in the bridge and other trail obstacles on that end.  It would be a great place for some nice trees, small bridge for the horses to cross (no water probably just river rock) and maybe some railroad ties for an "L" shaped turn.  Perhaps even a mailbox?  We'll see. 

Thought I'd show you a pic of the blanket the order was requested from:
SALE TODAY ONLY Gold and Navy Ribbed Signature Ranch Scrap Afghan

Like I wrote yesterday, she wants the same design, using the gold, but instead of the navy she wants black and she wants it almost twice as big as this.  It's just what I am calling the Signature Ranch Blanket.  So fun to make and I love the creativity involved.  She told me she considers this a work of art, not just a blanket.  I was humbled by her comment.  I just love the feel of the yarn in my hands.  To have someone look upon as she does is something I hoped for so I am really pleased. 

Well, I need to post this and go on with my day.  Have a great Hump Day!

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