Friday, June 29, 2012

What to post...

Today I am struggling with what to post.  I have a lot going on inside my head and although it wants to come out, it's not doing such a good job.  Or I'm not doing a very good job getting it all out.  Either way I'm a bit pensive.  I'm also tired.  As in I wish I could sleep until I'm no longer tired.  Does one ever really reach that point?  Maybe I should stop whining.

I worked on the Etsy order blanket last night.  I finished up the first main color strip and started to wind the ball for the next strip of the scrap yarn.  I love doing this part.  Just grabbing balls from my stash and seeing all the colors makes me a happy girl.

We turned the horses out into the pasture area we have completed last night.  They were quite happy with it and so am I.  We'll put up more boards as the money allows.  Right now they have a nice area to graze in and walk about.  The good thing is they are able to get away from one another.  I've noticed lately the older mare is getting a bit mean towards the younger one.  Could be the heat and could be they are always together, but as soon as you separate them the older mare goes crazy!  I didn't snap any pics last night.  The DH was in a mood and a little testy.  Not sure why.  Might have been the heat. 

Well, I'm hoping for a quick Friday at work.  I hate wishing my life away, but really - enough is enough of th workplace for one week.  Bring on the weekend!


  1. The heat will make even the best of us testy, horse or person. Hang in there luv and try to get some rest.

  2. My brain gets all jumbled sometimes too. It's hard to focus sometimes. I bet the girls were so happy to get out! Take some pics this weekend and post them.

    I know what you mean by your mother. My mother has always been nuts. I don't know any different. (((HUGS))) I am sorry she is giving you a hard time.

    I am right there with you on work!!! This week has been so long! I guess it's because mentally I am ready to move on to my new job. But, I am going to stay put and work my notice and make sure the girl that will be doing my work has a good grip on it. I don't want the transition to be difficult.

    Sleep in tomorrow and relax!

    Have a great weekend!