Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chats on the farmhouse porch and a new blog!

Everyday Ruralty

While browsing through some blogs I came across this one!  She asks questions and I thought I would join in!

  1. Do you exercise?
  2. What's your favorite type of party or get together?
  3. What's your favorite kind of melon?
  4. Do you ever go to a farmers' market?
  5. Would you prefer a series of day trips, or a week's vacation?
1.  No, not right now.  I love it but I can't seem to get into a routine I can stick with right now.  All part of my slump I do believe.

2.  I like being social, but not in too big of a group.  I like riding my Harley with others and then stopping at a bar for a bite to eat.  I like going to a place with a good local band and cold beer.  I also like sitting around a campfire talking with friends and enjoying a nice Scotch. 

3.  Watermelon.  I used to be afraid of the seeds, but I'm not anymore.  Sprinkle a little salt and I am in heaven.

4.  Not now, but I did.  I like to go.

5.  I think right now I would LOVE a week vacation.  I would love knowing I had a full week ahead of me.  Day trips are nice, but I find them a little exhausting. 

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