Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today is my Friday.  I am getting a two hour massage after work to start my 3 day weekend off right.  I am actually sore to the touch in some places and I know the lactic acid has built up in my muscles.  I asked for a deep tissue massage this time.  Normally that's too painful for me and I ask for a Swedish.  I figure I can always tell the therapist to lighten the pressure.  I am so looking forward to this 2 hours.  The day will be spent watching the clock in anticipation. 

It always amazes me how many people do not like massage.  They are not comfortable with others touching them.  My daughter, for instance, doesn't like anyone touching her feet.  My DH would rather die than allow anyone to give him a massage.  My sister thinks the whole idea is creepy.  I find it soothing and energizing.  I used to get a one hour massage but I realized I am just starting to unwind when it's over.  So now I save up my visits so that I always have a 2 hour available.  Most therapists don't seem to mind the 2 hours.  I don't have too many requests and for the most part just give them a free rein to proceed how they want.  I don't like my abdomen massaged.  I find that difficult to relax through.  Sometimes I fall asleep.  Most times I just sort of drop off into a sort of relaxed state and let the massage carry me into oblivion.  I hear the music and allow my body to melt into the table.  When I have had a good massage my nose will run, ridding my body of built up toxins. 

I worked for an hour on the special order blanket. I finished almost 4 rows.  The DH got a migraine and we turned off the lights in the living room and just watched the Reds game.  Since I couldn't see to crochet I took a bath, shaving my legs so as not to gross out the therapist today.  LOL 

Yesterday brought some good and bad news.  Bad news was my current job has pushed back an important deadline for 60-90 days.  If I were them I wouldn't keep me around for another 60-90 days.  The good news is I finally got the phone call from the other job.  I have what I hope is a formality phone interview tomorrow morning.  If all goes well I hope to be starting that job within the next two weeks.  Now there are a lot of pros to this new job.  I want to list them for you:
  • More money - you don't have to tell me money isn't everything but this jump in pay is significant and will allow us to do a lot on the property as well as stash some for retirement
  • Witness Protection - not really, but close.  Because of the distance I will be spending as many as 3 nights alone in a hotel.  The hotel offers a special discounted rate for military as well as a special stay so many nights and get a night free deal.  They are within walking distance of the new job and they have a fitness room and a pool.  I will have my alone time I seem to be craving right now. 
  • Work - this position is one that appears to be hectic and necessary.  I will finally be in a position where I feel needed and valued.  My days will be busy and I will have a lot of responsibility.
  • Money - did I mention this job pays more?  Like almost 30k more?  Yeah.  I'm so ready for a change. 
When we lived in CA we had an above ground pool.  We only had it one year.  It was the blow up kind but it was 3 feet deep and at least 12 feet across.  We would float around on hot days.  The DH would bungee a cooler to the ladder filled with ice and beer and we would float about lazily.  It was amazing.  We want to get another pool, although we can't afford that size right now so we are going to check into a kiddy pool that we can just sit in and drink a cold beer.  Something like this:
Intex 80in Kids Family Swimming Pool
Just enough to keep us wet and cool when the humidity is just too much.  For $27 I don't think you can beat it.  Talk about redneck and ghetto.  LOL

Okay, enough for today.  I hope this finds everyone doing well! 


  1. I love a massage!!! I have a friend who is a massage therapist and I love to go to her!!! She has a way with massage that makes me feel so good. I get everything but my but and my torso on the front. Sigh....I want one!!!

  2. Good luck on the interview, it sounds amazing. Love the pool idea. We have a pool but it is so freaking hot out the water is about 96 degrees, not that lovely to be in.
    Hugs to you and hope you are relaxed after your massage.

  3. Best of luck to you with the prospect of getting a new job! The pay increase sounds wonderful, though, and I can certainly understand the appeal in this. I mean, who doesn't want more money? Even the rich want more, so why should we be any different? lol Thanks for visiting my blog on Thursday! ^.^

  4. FoFo-my massage was wonderful. How nice that you have a friend that is a therapist!!

    Meredith - Thank you...

    Cathy - Thanks! Yes, more money is never a bad thing! Just makes life a little easier.