Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Howdy All!  Hope this finds everyone doing well and getting ready to enjoy the 4th - no matter what you plan on doing.  We are going to work around the house.  The grass needs mowed and I'm just the woman to handle it! 

I have been working on the Etsy special order.  It's coming along.  The pics were taken during the power outage so sorry for the poor lighting. 

The DH is on my last nerve.  I swear someone could drop a pile of money in front of him and he'd be pissy because he had to count it.  He's never happy. 

On a good note, tomorrow is a day off and then I work Thursday but I am off Friday!  Woohoo.  Still no word on the other job, although everyone keeps telling me it's a "sure" thing.  Hope they are right.

This morning I treated myself to Panera.  I had an egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta and a medium coffee.  Oh and one of their amazing pecan rolls.  I swear I could eat pecan rolls every day and never tire of them. 

My pepper plants are about 2 inches tall now.  I'm going to take a pic of them tomorrow and will post.  I'm afraid to touch them - just letting them grow!  I can't imagine eating an actual pepper I have grown myself.  What a treat!

DAUGHTRY is going to be in Kettering on Aug 9th.  I didn't know this so I missed out on the good seats.  I checked the site yesterday and all that's left is the lawn.  I don't want to spend the entire show on the grass behind everyone else.  I'm passing on this show.  Sigh.


  1. The blanket is coming along nicely - reminds me of those Indian blankets.

    I'm sending you lots of good wishes for the new job. :)

  2. The blanket is lovely, I like the mix of colors. Do what I do tell him to "put on his big boy pants and deal with it!" I do that frequently with mine. I hope you have a good day!

  3. Thanks Ladies. FoFo - I just might give that a shot! It might surprise him so much he shuts up. LOL