Thursday, July 26, 2012


For weeks I have been trying to talk my DH into getting another kitten/cat.  He was relentless telling me "no".  Imagine my surprise when I get a text from our Vet with a picture of my DH with our new addition.  Meet Hula.

She was rescued by the Vet's daughter (Amy) who bottle fed her.  She had been attacked by an animal and the top of her head and left ear had been ripped off and then abandoned.  Amy nursed her back to health and wanted to find her a forever home.  In walked my DH.  LOL  She seems very sweet. 


  1. Poor little thing. It's good that she now has a new loving home. Don't spoil her too much. :)

  2. Poor baby! I'm sure you will give her a loving home!

  3. so cute! so glad she found her forever home with you guys!


  4. She seems to be doing alright. Very curious little thing and sweet as can be. Just happy to have a home to roam in and someone to love her I do believe.