Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Flies

Yesterday the DH and I unloaded grass hay from the truck into the shed and onto the outside pallets.  We only had 20 bales, but for some reason they seemed very heavy and horse flies didn't make the job any more pleasant.  In CA I rarely saw a horse fly.  We had the small house flies, but nothing like the giant things we have here in OH.  As we were putting the truck away we had a large one in the cab of the truck.  We swatted and shooed it until it flew out the window.  We took the Jeep to get dinner.  As we were pulling out of the garage we had one large fly from the back of the Jeep to the front window.  I rolled down my window quickly and waved my hands to get it out as fast as I could!  Sighing relief we continued on our way, but not more than half a mile down the road another large one came up from the windshield and dash, buzzing it's discontent and looking more like a Pterodactyl than a fly at this point.  We opened the Jeep windows and by the force of the airflow it was swept out.  Phew.  I was so done with horse flies!!! 

This morning I get into my car to head off to work and just as I put my car into Drive I heard the buzz.  Not another one??  I turned my head to see a large, black horse fly (like the one above) on the passenger window.  My DH laughed at me because I squealed.  I used the auto window to lower that window and it flew out, no doubt thankful to be free of the confines of the car. 

As you can imagine, the horses HATE these things.  They light on them and immediately the girls are aware of them.  They swish their tails and use their hindlegs to get them off their bellies.  I spray the girls with repellent and that helps for awhile, but it wears off.  It seems the very best deterent is the fans we have in the stalls.  The flies don't seem to like the air movement and don't hang around long inside the stalls.  On the outside of the barn you can often see them just landed, not doing much of anything at all except looking icky!!  I squish them.  They bite (well, the females do) and I just don't see the point of letting them hang around to bite the horses or me. 

So happy tomorrow is Friday.  The kids will be here for the weekend. We do have some rain expected tomorrow (80%), but we need it so badly I am not complaining.  Not that I would.  I love the rain.  But we had talked about going canoeing while the kids are here and a thunderstorm would mean that wouldn't happen.  So I am praying for a good rain shower tomorrow and then clear skies on Saturday and Sunday. 

Well that's it for this post.  I think I managed to crochet about 20 stitches last night on the special order blanket before I had to call it quits and head to bed.  I doubt I will get much crocheting done with the kids here. 

Hope you all are having a marvelous Thursday! 


  1. Gosh I hate flies, too. We have a huge amount of mosquito's right now because of all the rain Tropical Storm Debby dumped on us, Too many bugs everywhere if you ask me.

  2. Oh the flies are so annoying and the little ones are the biting ones, so it's just awful! I am a mosquito magnet. Whenever I am out in the evening I have to put on a spray or else I am eaten alive. There are too many bugs. We need more natural predators for them!