Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Monday

I can't believe it's already Monday.  Even after a 3 day weekend I feel like Monday snuck up on me and the weekend is a blur.  I did spend a good deal of time working on the special order blanket and that was a good thing.  I made some great progress.  Come yesterday evening I was burnt out on it and picked up the cotton yarn to make dishcloths. 

On the job front, it looks like I have sealed the deal.  After the interview on Friday morning the recruiter called me to tell me the company wants to move forward.  Now we just need an offer letter and start date so I can give notice at my current position.  It's been a very painful process but I hope it's all been worth it and I end up loving this new job.  I know I will love the new paycheck.

I've come to the conclusion I am neurotic over the horse fly situation, but honestly who could blame me?  No joke, at one point there were 25 in just one stall.  I was killing them left and right and it seemed like 2 would appear in place of 1 I squished.  The horses are now skittish when they see me with the blue fly swatter.  I'm deadly with that thing.  There seems to be nothing we can do other than to get fans to blow the air around and try to keep them from lighting on the horses.  I have never seen so many and according to our shoer, they are only going to get worse as August approaches.  He said they are everywhere and there's nothing anyone can do.  No spray will deter them.  The only thing that works is a strong fan. 

Today I brought in 4 dishcloths.  I decided I would give them to the very nice lady who runs the office.  I brought in very pretty cloths - all different colors.  I was giddy as I walked to her desk.  Imagine my dismay when she looked at me like I had just handed her a box of rocks.  "What's this?" she asked.  I said, "Cotton dishcloths.  I make them and wanted you to have some."  "Oh.." she said.  "Or you can give them as gifts..." I said.  She said, "Yeah...  Thanks."  Hmmm.  All I could think about was yanking them out of her hands.  But I walked away feeling a tad bit silly and embarrassed.

We did not get the pool.  Target was out of stock and although the weather was warm, I am not certain we would have used it this weekend.  

Well, I hope this finds everyone doing well!  Can't wait to catch up with everyone. 

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