Thursday, July 5, 2012

Over Analyzing

I have a tendency to over analyze.  Everything.  I try not to, but as part of my make-up and being a true Libra I have to.  In order for me to find the harmony and balance I require I must be able to see all sides of an issue.  I'm one that believes once the truth is exposed one cannot help but see it for what it is - the truth.  What I have come to realize is that some people simply refuse to see the truth; or they see it and still choose not to believe.  This confuses me and provides a level of frustration I cannot put into words.  I always remember a woman - a mother - of a 16 year old boy that was charged with robbery.  She refused to believe her son could commit this or any crime.  Even when she is placed in a room and shown a video of a store survellience of her son, plain as day, robbing the place she refuses to believe.  Even when she witnesses him confessing to the robbery she continues to think, "Not my son."  I understand a deep desire for it NOT to be true.  I understand the desire for your faith in the person to be so strong you want to will it to NOT be true.  But when you see it with your own eyes and hear it for yourself, don't you at some point have to face reality?  What is it about the pysche that makes us blind?  This mother decided the video tape showed someone that was pretending to be her son to frame him.  Then when she sat behind the glass listening to the confession of her son she said her son was being coerced into confessing; that it really wasn't him telling the truth.  Things like THAT really, really irritate me.  How do we as a people move forward if we allow ourselves to be robbed of the truth?  At some point her good little boy went bad.  She knew it deep down.  As a mother she probably knew long before this incident he wasn't the innocent child she wanted him to be.  Did she think by continuing to believe in him it would somehow change him?  Did she think by continuing to claim his innocence it would make it so?  Or was the alternative - facing the truth - just too painful?  Did that mean she would have to admit somewhere along the line she failed?  Was that more painful for her than admitting her son had done the crime?  How much of our decision making is based on our own self preservation?

I've had my fill of politics lately.  I know it's got to be a result of the election in November.  The ads and news coverage are relentless.  How is anyone supposed to know who or what to believe?  Do we choose the lesser of two evils? 

Yesterday the DH and I spent a very long time in the heat of a hot, humid Ohio day.  Both of us started out slow.  But when we went outside we literally didn't come back in until 2 to grab a sandwich.  I mowed and dragged.  He worked on building a new garbage area.  I was covered in dirt as the sunblock I was wearing was like a magnet for it.  We got a lot done and we were both dog tired when we finally came in at 4:30. 

Tomorrow is my regular Friday off and the Festival of the Bells starts tonight with a parade.  Free music, food vendors and crafters will line the streets starting tomorrow.  I guess everyone stages their lawn chair and just leaves it until they come back for it when the music starts.  My plan is to sit in my chair, listen to music, people watch and crochet dishcloths (because they are small and easy).  I'm looking forward to a good weekend. 

I've logged in 24 hours on the Etsy order.  Here is a pic of one end of it.  It's coming along nicely.

I'd like to think I am about 1/5 of the way finished.  My deadline is around Aug 15th.  I think I will have no problem being finished on time, if not before.  Unless something comes up that keeps me from working on it. 

Still no solid info on the new job.  I'm not giving up on it. 


  1. I usually try to choose the lesser of two evils. Our political system is so corrupt that I believe the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves trying to get out and set them straight. One really hot button issue for me is the separation of church and state. It is NOT in the Constitution. Separation of church and state was meant to protect religious freedom, not try to smother it. Ben Franklin and most of our other Founding Fathers were religious men, that's what our country is founded on. The issue has been so clouded and retold to make it come out differently so long and so much that people now believe the hogwash they are feeding us. Just like abortion-it's ok for a woman to kill her baby but if a person kills a pregnant woman, they're charged with two counts of murder. How is that ok? I just don't understand it. I know exactly what you mean! Drives me nuts. I say trash the whole government and start over again with working class people who will actually do something for this country instead of themselves.

    Your blanket is looking good! I'll be working the farm tomorrow night and then the market on Sat. It's supposed to be cooler than last week so that's a blessing! Don't give up yet. I'm still praying for you!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I couldn't agree more FoFo. It seems to me that this is the state the government was in when our Founding Fathers left England. Too much government control and taxes to cover the expense of the government. I see the nation more divided now than ever - both by race, income, political party, etc.

    Enjoy your weekend, too!