Friday, July 27, 2012


This has been an interesting week.  I start me new job on Aug 6.  I was hoping to give my notice today and they would keep me next week (for the paycheck you see).  Yesterday I had a visit from the HR lady who told me today is my last day.  I knew it was coming, which is one reason I had been seeking a new job, but honestly I thought they would give me a little more notice.  What irritates me most is that my own recruiter was told Monday and she has yet to contact me.  Talk about lousy communication and unprofessional.  However, I am not unhappy about being off next week.  I plan on finishing up the special order blanket and the DH wants to tackle a little of the train room, which is currently just storage for boxes we haven't yet unpacked. 

Yesterday we had quite a storm come in.  Being the weather geek I am, I was fascinated and thrilled with the skies.  I took pics of the clouds and want to share a few.  Isn't it amazing and beautiful??  It produced quite a lot of thunder, lightning and eventually behind this lots of rain.

Photo  Photo  Photo  Photo

I won't bore you with more.  LOL

Hula seems to be doing alright.  She is such a sweet kitten.  She is about a year old now and full of curiousity.  She has spent a good deal of her life in the vet's office in one of their recovery cages.  Because of her loss of an ear she has balance issues and she walks a little crooked, runs only a short distance and also crooked and sometimes her head will appear as if she is moving in a circle.  Hence her being called Hula.  She is very affectionate and spent a good part of the evening on the loveseat beside playing with my cotton yarn.  She was in heaven.  Dumpster doesn't seem to pay her much mind.  They have exchanged a few hisses and nothing more.  Hooters is a bit more put out and a tad more aggressive, but I think with time she will be alright.  We are giving Hooters lots of petting and talking to her, letting her know it's all going to be okay.  I have explained to both cats how Hula just needs a good home and a family to love her.  I reminded them both they were also abandoned once and needed a forever home, too. 

If you've not already done so, hop over to Patrice's blog Everyday Ruralty.  She's hosting a party with free stuff and Wendell provides the entertainment! 

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  1. I like the pictures of the clouds; always like a good thunder/lightening storm as long as it doesn't cause damage or start a fire. Glad to hear Hula is adapting to your household and all are trying to adapt to her!

    Good that you have a new job starting soon! I'm sure you'll put next week to good use!

    enjoy the weekend!