Monday, July 2, 2012

The Monday Quiz About Me

1. What is your favorite thing to bbq?

I'm torn between roasted corn on the cob and asparagus.  I love them both.  I can never seem to prepare the corn quite right.  It's either not done or I manage to burn it.  Everyone else seems to have it down to a science.  Me, not so much.  So every chance I have to get some roasted corn, I take it!  I do manage the asparagus well.  I like it many ways; just in butter.  With italian dressing.  With garlic and butter.  To me it's perfect from the grill.

2.  What is your favorite thing to do on a holiday weekend in the summer?

This question can have many answers.  A lot depends on the weather, my finances and what I have been doing up to that long holiday weekend.  I always try to get a ride in on the horses and the Harley.  If money permits I like to go to the casino and drink and gamble.  If I have been running at 100mph at work I like to just chill.  Sitting in a comfy chaise with my current crochet project can sometimes be the best weekend spent of all. 

3.  Who was the last person you ate out with?  Where did you go and what was the occasion?

It was with my DH and we went to a local place called EAT.  Unfortunately the power went out just as we sat down at the counter.  We are friends with the cook so she managed to put something together for us.  There was no special occasion - just a Saturday breakfast out.

4.  Do you recycle?

We do not.  Since moving here we have learned either Ohio isn't into it quite yet or we are too far out.  There are no recycle bins or centers to take items.  We do what we can; trying to use paper (but we love the plastic bags for the cat litter) and we really try to cut down on our trash in general.  We hope in the near future our waste company makes recycle bins handy for our trash.

And the 5th question I've added for you to comment on is...

5.  What's your favorite summer time drink? 

Mine has to be iced tea.  I make my own using a special maker the kids got the DH a very long time ago.  We hav taken great care of it and it's still going strong.  I have the recipe down to a science at this point and it's so refreshing.  I also love lemonade and often make it in the summer as well.  I use real lemons and I think there's nothing better.  I don't add sugar to mine - and we love it.


  1. It's not an Ohio thing, we have curbside recycling. but we're in the city, so maybe that's the difference.

    My favorite summer drink is iced coffee or lemonade, completely depending on my mood. (But I usually drink water as a primary choice)

  2. Some of my family that lives in town have bins for recycling bottles and newspapers. In CA we had a container for everything - plastic, bottles, newspapers, etc.

    I'm a water drinker, as well. I actually like the taste of water.