Friday, October 14, 2011

Yay it's Friday -- and I have GREAT news!!!!

I am so happy to report that the sellers are moving out of our house this weekend.  I will be able to get the keys on Saturday and move in after they clean it on the 20th!!!  The first night in my new house will be Friday, 21st!!!  That means for a week I will be able to stay in my new home alone!  How great is this news??  No TV, no Internet (I'm working on this) - just me and my yarn and my Ipod.  Oh and my big garden tub.  Life, Ladies, is about to get AMAZING.  Bring along my 125 year old bottle of scotch my son gave me and I'm set for a week of complete "ME".  I can barely contain myself.

As promised here is a pic of my white double strand beanie.

No one has asked for this one yet and I'm guessing it's because it is so white that keeping it clean will be an issue.  I would use it but one run in with the horses and it would no longer white. 

I continued working on my first ever infinity scarf.  I snapped a couple of pics of it before I got started.  It's now more than twice as wide as the pics show.  I'm kind of excited about this one now and the color is actually really neat.  I love green anyway so I just might keep this one for myself and see if it "works" or if there is changed I'd like to make on it (length, width) as well as see if I get any compliments on it while wearing it or requests to make a few from buyers. 

My dear cousin Julie and I have already planned a gathering to crochet for an afternoon on the 22nd.  She is bringing her Mom and I will bring mine.  We will order pizza and eat yummy desserts all the while chatting and crocheting.  Now my Mom doesn't crochet at all, but she will enjoy just sitting with us.  My Aunt Sue has such awful RA, but this season she is in pretty good sorts and has been crocheting up a storm making scarfs and beanies for all the people that have cared for her through the past year with her RA. 

I don't know if any of you are DAUGHTRY fans, but their new CD is due out Nov 21st.  Two singles have been released; Renegade and Crawling Back To You.  You can pre-order the CD here and with that you get the two singles to download for free now. 



  1. How exciting!!! I bet you will be in heaven all by yourself crocheting away!

    Have fun with your Mom, cousin and Aunt!!!

  2. Yes I will most assuredly be in heaven. I don't dare ask for it to get even better with some rain!!

  3. Good for you! Congratulations! Happy crocheting, the projects look great.