Monday, October 24, 2011

Definitely Monday

Happy Monday?  Oh, not so much?  Me either.  I think I got about 3 hours sleep last night.  Let me back up though and go through me entire weekend.

As you know Friday was the day I moved into our "new" home.  I had such big plans for a wonderful, relaxing evening.  Hot bath in my garden tub, some relaxation music on, a glass of Scotch and no other noise.  Well, I did get all moved in and after talking with the DH for what seemed like the 50th time I finally was able to get to some "me" time.  (I despise chatting on the phone and get very impatient)  So I get out my air mattress and pump and proceed to fill it.  We have one of the nice ones; queen size that sits up off the floor and has the pillow top.  It filled up in less than 5 minutes and I went to draw my bath.  Put the bubble bath in and went to the kitchen for my glass of Scotch.  When I got back the water was luke warm.  I let it run a little longer and still - nothing!  Of course, my DH text me to ask how my bath was going and I told him "no hot water".  So naturally him being 1) a worrier and 2) a handyman, he calls.  He walked me through all the possible scenarios of what it could be and after about ten minutes he figured out the water heater breaker needed to be tripped.  Sure enough the water heater started making water heater noises and in about 15 minutes the water was hot.  But by this time I was so exhausted and Scotch didn't sound very good and my CD player was acting up.  So I went to bed with my Sudoku and after about 15 minutes I realized my back was against the floor!  My air mattress was deflating!!  I pumped it up again only to realize it had a leak somewhere.  So I drug my tired butt into the living room where the previous owners had abandoned a sectional couch and slept on it.  Well, tried to.  I finally just got up and made a pot of coffee.  I went to the bathroom and what do you think happened?  The toilet overflowed!  I scrambled for all the towels I could find to sop up the water and tossed them into the tub.  I had a pile of them.  I put them into a trash bag and took them to the only laundramat in town.  2 loads of towels and 2 loads of my clothes.  When did the laundramat get so expensvie???  It cost me $2.50 for the regular size load and $4.00 for the heavier towels.  $.25 cents got me 5 minutes of drying time.  It about broke the bank!  But I got them done and was back home before 0900. 

The good part of my day was that I have Internet and a house phone.  It was nice to get online at home after so long.  My work firewall doesn't allow me to visit some sites (FB, etc).  I feel like we have made progress by having these two things installed.  But the installer snagged a thread in his drill when he was drilling the hole for the cable and put a run in my carpet of about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide.  His supervisor is supposed to contact me for resolution.  It was an accident, but I was like, "Really??"  The carpet in the house is less than a year old.  It will be under a desk (for the time being), but still. 

Sunday my sister, my niece, my Mom and I moved that sectional sofa from my house to my sister's garage for her to eventually put into her living room.  Let me tell you it was quite the ordeal!  We were often laughing so hard we couldn't get anything done.  It took us forever to get the 3 pieces into the truck, but we finally did manage.  We headed out down the road and it wasn't 10 miles when the back piece flipped out of the truck bed and onto the side of the road.  The strap had come loose and the wind caught it.  It landed across the street from a house and the owner came out and helped us get it back in and tie it down.  Fortunately we made it to my sister's without any further incident.  Getting it out of the truck was another thing.  Needless to say something that would have taken men about an hour took us almost four. 

Afterwards me and Mom went to see the horses at the stable.  They were doing well.  They had been turned out and were all muddy from rolling.  I didn't have time to clean them up, so I left them muddy.  That's a rarity for me.  I hope to make it up there on Tuesday and take a curry to each. 

Crochet?  Sorry - not this weekend!  No way.  Which is no doubt why I am a mess and tense!!!  Tonight I plan on making a couple of dishcloths for my sink!  Oh and that hot bubble bath?  I've managed to take two and they have been amazing.  Scotch?  Not so much...  Just not in the right frame of mind just yet. 

The DH leaves tomorrow morning.  We had to rent a UHaul trailer because the 24 ft Budget truck wouldn't hold all of our "stuff".  Here is what he will be driving cross country in:

SONG OF THE BLOG:  The only one that seems to fit..."On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson


  1. I'm sorry your weekend didn't go as planned but I am glad you figured out your hot water problem. What happened with the toliet? Did the floaty thing get stuck? Dh will be there soon and you will be able to relax. Go curry your horses and let the stress go. (I always loved currying horses, I love the smell of them. :) ) Hope your night goes better!

  2. I think I used too much tissue. It's on a septic so a little more tempermental than I'm accustomed to! I love the smell of horses, too!