Friday, October 7, 2011


Well today is the day my horses leave CA for good.  I am a nevous "Mom" right now.  Although I did my research on this shipper and feel good about choosing him and to date he has been WONDERFUL, I am still nervous their health and safety in the hands of a complete stranger.  They can't arrive soon enough as far as I am concerned. 

I gave my cousin his hat last night without taking a pic.  Ugh.  I am so mad I did that.  He did love it though and it fit him great.  He is 8 and can be hard to please at times. 

His Mom liked it so much she asked me to make her one.  So I started one in hot pink and gray - using the two yarns together to make more of an adult version and hopefully with less space in the stitches.  I have started it about 4 times now.  I plan on really concentrating on it this evening and immediately jumping right into another so as to solidify this pattern into my brain!!

I will be staying with my Mom for the next ten days, so while packing up I came across a scarf I made using beads.  I have never incorporated the beads into the actual work, only used in fringe.  So this was a neat experiment for me and came out okay.

I will definitely be doing this again as I did enjoy the creative process involved albeit the beads were a bit cumbersome.

I'm a lover of the scrap afghan.  I never throw out a piece of yarn more than 12 inches long.  I tie them together and then roll them into one large ball of yarn and I call it my "Surprise Yarn".  Then I use it to make blankets like this one:

I gave this to my Mom who has it on her couch.  It looks lovely.  I used green and white as the base colors and then the surprise yarn in between.

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Airplanes" by B.O.B.  I love this song.  I think it has a great message. 



  1. I like scrap blankets too. The scarf is pretty and you should ask his Mom to take a picture and send it to you so you can post it. I've not tried beads in my crochet yet, will have to do that eventually. Here are some adult patterns that I think you would like: (this one is two stranded)

    I have made all of these hats and loved them. They are easy to do. If you decide to do one and get stuck just give me a shout, I'm happy to help!

  2. Nice scarf and scrapghan too. I have crocheted using beads for bookmarks.

  3. FoFo - thank you so much for the patterns. I will print them out and give them each a try.

    Crochet Mama - I liked working with the beads. It really gave a new dimension to the crochet. Have you posted pics of the bookmarks you made using beads?

  4. red, yes, it was a while ago, the pics are here