Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Don't Wanna Be Here

If it were at all possible I would play hookey today.  Work is just not someplace I want to be.  You know those days when comfy clothes, something warm to drink and yarn are on the only thing you want to think about??  Well my butt is parked right there and I can't do anything to persuade it to get to work.  But alas, I am not able to leave work today.  Even though the house is empty.  Even though it's raining.  Even though I'm in the project area all by myself.  Work I must do.  Gotta work to pay the bills!

I started another beanie last night and will snap a pic of it tonight when I wrap it up.  Looks like my cousin Julie and I will be participating in a craft show sometime in early December, so I am working on my inventory.  We have decided to do beanies in school colors for the local area.  I do not have time to make any afghans so will work on beanies, scarves and dishcloths for this particular show. 

Two days and a wake up and I will be moving into the new house.  I have decided to paint a bedroom before the hubby arrives with the bulk of the household goods.  The guest room is currently a very dark shade of blue.  It really shrinks the room and I am going to paint it.  I haven't decided yet what color, but I am teetering between a light blue/periwinkle and sage/moss.  I am sort of thinking the sage/moss combo is what I will put in my master bedroom/master bath though.  I will enjoy going to Lowes this weekend (Sunday) and looking at the color selections. 

I wanted to say "Thank you" to all of you that stop be frequently and comment.  It's nice to see comments and I really enjoy reading your blogs. 

One of my long time friends on FB is getting on my last nerve.  I know I should just ignore the posts, but being a staunch conservative his liberal jabs are beginning to annoy me.  No one ever debates him which is another reason I am having a hard time ignoring him.  Sadly I cannot access FB at work, and my phone offers very limited ability to find articles and facts to post.  When I get home I am way more interested in relaxing than sitting at the computer trying to find debatable articles.  I know I shouldn't let him ruffle my feathers.  He believes what he believes and nothing I say or post is going to change that.  I just don't like to see my point of view not represented!! 

SONG OF THE BLOG  "Perfect" by Pink. 


  1. It's not fun when work interferes with our crafting time! I am that way a lot lately. I've loved my job since I took it but recently, I want to be home. I commute 2 hours a day and I'm tired of the drive. I'm also not a player in office politics which drive me nuts. I like to come in get the work done and go home. This job is not my life. Sorry for the rant. I haven't had any time off in a while and it is starting to show. I'm going into burnout mode.

    I know what you mean! My sil spouts of all kinds of liberal junk and I want to argue back but in the end, she has her warped opinion and I won't be able to change her mind. It's not worth the effort for me to try.

    Looking forward to seeing a pic of your newest beanie!

  2. Two hour commute? That's not good. I did that for almost two years and boy did I get burnt out. Rant anytime. Isn't that what this is for? Therapy?

    I was in the military for 20 years. I feel like during those years my job was indeed my life. Now although I enjoy my work, it's not my life. It's a means to an end and a way for me to afford what I want for now.