Thursday, October 27, 2011


My DH finally got on the road yesterday around 3pm PST.  He's currently in NM.  I don't think I mentioned that on that huge truck is about 13 containers of yarn.  I am sort of going through withdrawals at this stage.  I'm used to walking into my area and seeing the yarn and since arriving in OH my yarn has been hidden away inside the plastic containers. I'm one of those people that get inspired when I see the yarn, like walking through the aisles of JoAnn's I suddenly have flashes of blankets flickering in my head as I walk past colors.  Needless to say I am very anxious to get my yarn off that truck!  The DH being a handyman has agreed to make me the following bins on two walls:

Diagonal Bookcase Viceroy Santa Monica designed by Kelly Werstler

Looks a bit like a yarn store, doesn't it?  The craft show is December 10.  My cousin and I have been discussing ramping up our crocheting to build some inventory for this sale.  Our Moms are having a "sweets" table and my cousin's daughter (my second cousin) and her boyfriend also have some ideas for a few craftsy things.  I'm looking forward to it even if it doesn't generate a lot of sales.

DAUGHTRY'S new video is out.  "Crawling Back To You" off their soon to be released Break The Spell.  The CD comes out November 21st.  You can check the video out here.  Be warned - Chris looks amazing and remember, he's mine.  You can preorder on iTunes and if you preorder the CD off their site ( you can download both "Crawling Back To You" and "Renegade" for free. 

Naturally today's SONG OF THE BLOG is "Crawling Back To You".  Enjoy!

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  1. I like that storage unit!!! I bet you'll be glad when your dh rolls in!