Friday, October 21, 2011

Today is THE Day

I'm not sure I can contain my enthusiasm.  And why should I?  Moving into our new home has been a dream of ours for so many years and today it's coming true.  Well, partly.  The real "move in" happens the 29th, but still!  I will be living in our new place TONIGHT.  Woohoo!

I managed to finish the manly beanie last night.  Here is a pic of it.  The colors are pretty cool - I think even a teen girl would like it. 

I can picture myself crocheting quite a lot over the next week.  Or wasting time online because I have no TV.  Guess time will tell!  LOL  Hope everyone has a great Friday! 


  1. WHOOOHOOOO!!!! I'm so happy for you! I like your beanie!

  2. congrats, new homes are always so exciting. No TV lots of time to crochet oh yes... :) Debb

  3. congrats!! that is awesome.
    nice beanie too ;)