Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm on a Roll!

Second day of blogging!  I'm on a roll!  I have been trying to read a few blogs this morning and following a few I think I'd like to read daily, but I haven't made it to all the ones I want to check out just yet.  That thing called "work" keeps getting in the way.  Blah!  I didn't crochet last night.  Not sure why but if I had to guess I'd say it's a comfort thing.  I miss "my" loveseat, light and pillow.  Because of the move cross country I have been living with my cousin since the end of July.  Although their home is wonderfully comfortable and they make me feel so welcome, it's not "home".  My husband is still in CA with all of our "stuff" and our two cats, Dumpster and Hooters.  My two horses are shipping Friday and it will be wonderful to have them here with me.  My husband will leave CA for good on Oct 25th.  T-26 till move in.  Cannot wait.  Then I will get into my normal routine of crocheting and building up my inventory.

In the mean time I wanted to post a pic or two of my work.  I really do crochet - not just blog about it!  I love to make these bags.  I call them my Messenger Bags or Pony Express Messenger Bags (because of my love for horses).  This bag is one I made for a good friend of mine who is a survivor of brain cancer.

My turn around time normally on one bag is 4 days.  They are so fun and versatile.  I carry one all the time.

SONG OF THE BLOG"Crawling Back to You" by DAUGHTRY.  New song just released on ITunes today!  Their new album will be out November 21st called Break The Spell. 

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