Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wagons East!

The DH is now on the road headed to Phoenix for the night.  With luck and good weather and no truck/trailer issues he should be at our door in Ohio sometime on Friday.  I'm hoping the cats settle in for the journey and their meowing isn't constant.  That would make for a very long ride. 

I did not crochet last night.  I ended up running some errands and when I got home, got a little bit of dinner I was just not in the mood to pick it up.  Tonight I need to do a little more straightening up to make ready for the big move in on Saturday. 

I think Wednesday evening I will go up and see the horses.  Spend some time brushing them out and feeding them too many carrots.  I miss their nickers and nudges.  Can't wait until they are in very own backyard.  I have narrowed down the fencing I want.  Thought I'd share a pic:


It's a very traditional four rail horse fence, but I love the style and color of the natural wood.  I was going to have black fencing, but now I think I want to just weather treat this and leave it natural.  Black seems very high maintenance to me.  Besides, this will look so pretty in the snow!  We will be putting the fence up ourselves.  We have been working out this plan for a long time.  We will have the portable fencing in the beginning and then as we slowly get the wood fence up, simply increase the area using the portable fencing.  It's not going to be easy or fast, but we want to do it ourselves.  The DH has the skills/tools and know how - I can't see paying anyone to do something we can do. 

I'd like to pose a question for all of you that stop by.  Maybe not every day, but just once in a while.  I hope you enjoy sharing your answers and ideas with everyone.

Today's question:  What is your perfect spa setting?  Include color, textures, style and anything else that will give us a feel for what you would consider "perfect".

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield


  1. I bet you will be so happy to get all settled in. My husband and a friend and I put up our picket fencing by ourselves. It was a ton of hard work and I am an expert at mixing concrete now.

    Perfect spa? Hmmm....I'm not really a spa girl. Never been to one. If I did I would have to say in the mountains in a cabin style setting all natural everything, stone, wood etc.

  2. Not a spa girl, huh? Well, you have the right idea - mountains, wood, stone. Anything really that relaxes and restores you.