Thursday, October 20, 2011


Greetings Ladies!  I hope you are all doing well this fine Thursday morning.  I am in a great mood for so many reasons.  Let's see; for starters today is payday.  Yay!  Second I am packing up all of my things I have at my cousin's house tonight with plans to not return, save for a visit and/or an overnight stay should the weather turn really ugly.  (She lives less than 6 miles from where I work so if a blizzard comes and I'm at work I'll be going to her house instead of trying to make the trek home).  And third - it's still raining here and I absolutely love it.  One thing I do need to do though is learn the finer techniques of using an umbrella.  I look more like a packmule trying to hold an umbrella than a professional career woman on her walk from her car into her office building.  Let's not spend too much time on that visual, okay?

I did start another beanie last night while watching Game 1 of the WS.  I grabbed a skein of Red Heart's Spring Green (love this color) and a dark shade of a teal/forest green.  My goal was to make a hat a little more manly and I think I have succeeded.  I didn't finish it and I fell asleep before I could take a pic of it, but I'll get that done and get it up for your viewing pleasure.  The craft show will be at a Church in Kentucky sometime the first part of December I do believe..

My Mother is the funniest lady.  I have given her quite a few dishcloths which she adamantly refuses to use saying they are too pretty to be scrubbing dirty dishes with.  So instead she has decided to display a few like this:

I actually like this idea a lot and I love the old container.  I finally talked her into using one cloth, but she does so begrudgingly.  I keep telling her I can make her anything she likes, but it falls on deaf ears.  Sort of like when your child colors her first picture or makes that first art project at school.  She enjoys saving my work. 

We haven't had a house landline in going on 8 years.  Because we are out in the country and my Mom will probably be a frequent house guest we opted to put a house phone in.  So yesterday I went to Target and bought a phone.  I got the simple cordless version with a second handset you can put somewhere else in the house.  It was $59.99 which I thought was a decent price.  At times it is still very hard to believe I am actually now living in Ohio after so many years (28) in CA.  My horses are here and soon my husband and cats will be as well.  It's a whole new chapter in our life starting.  We have been dreaming and talking about this move for a very long time.  We are a couple that takes great pride in home ownership and we have always wanted to have our horses in our own backyard.  After years of boarding them and being frustrated with the conditions and upkeep of other's property we are now going to be able to take care of our own.  In the beginning we would have liked more acreage, but after a very long search (2 years) and some 47 properties later the place we decided on isn't exactly what we had in mind, but it turns out it is indeed perfect for us.  I can hardly wait to start "living" on this property.  I started a web site quite a while back for the move.  You can see pics of the house here



  1. I like the way she has displayed them. I had a friend that I made pot holders, pot scrubber and wash cloths for and she wouldn't use them either. I made some pot holders for a girl here at work and when I gave them to her I said "they are meant to be used so please use them." She said she would so that made me happy. I made a bunch for my parents and they use them all the time.

    I bet you are so excited to be moving into your home! You'll have to post pics once you get all settled in.

  2. Such a nice way your mom displayed the dishcloths!
    good luck with everything :)