Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Horse of Course

I took the day off yesterday.  My horses arrived late Sunday night and by the time they were settled in enough for me to leave them and take Mom home, it was 0130.  I had hopes of getting up and going into work, but my older mare (Cheyenne) wasn't her self and I was naturally worried about her.  So I emailed my boss and at 0500 took back off to make sure she was alright.  She was and that was very comforting.  I stayed with them unitl around 0900 and then went back to Mom's for a nap.  I managed to get two hours in and then I was up and at em again.  Monday evening they were even more settled in and seemed to be enjoying not moving on the trailer and the comfort and safety of their own stall.  So I am back to work today.

I did manage to crochet two hats over the weekend.  Waiting on the horses to make their journey cross country gave me plenty of time and having something to occupy my hands was most welcome.  It was a real confirmation that I not only enjoy crochet but need crochet as a form of therapy.  Although FoFo sent me some great patterns, I opted to try one on my own I created and here is the result:

It's for my sister. She works in a warehouse and loves to wear beanies during the winter.  I made a second one in pure white -The Caron one pounder.  I love that yarn.  Anyway, I used double strands so you can imagine that one came out much thicker.  I didn't take a pic of it completed, but I will this evening. 

Now that my horses are here the next step is for my husband to pack up the moving truck and make the trip cross country himself with the cats.  Yes, I said cats.  This was his call and he thinks him and the two cats will be fine.  I'm certain by trip's end he will be very tired of the "meows". 

From today we have T-18 days till move in.  What a journey it has been!  I am so thankful and happy it's almost over. 

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "All or Nothing" byTheory of a Deadman


  1. I'm glad your horses arrived safely and have settled in. Your beanie is very nice it looks so soft! I'll look up some more patterns for you to try to see if anything appeals to you. You are doing great at designing your own!

  2. Nice hat, I like Caron one pound too.
    Good luck with your move!