Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This has been an interesting morning so far.  Okay, perhaps interesting isn't exactly the right word.  Last night as I was just getting into bed we lost power.  Our entire neighborhood was black.  Now we don't have any close neighbors, but we can see other houses and they were completely black so we knew it wasn't just our house.  Since I was going to bed anyway the loss of power wasn't a big deal to me, but the DH had planned on watching MNF and when he couldn't he decided he would join me in bed.  We ended up playing Scrabble and Words with Friends on my phone for about 45 minutes before we both decided it was "lights out".  Our house has propane heat, but the fan is electric so as the night progressed and still no power the temperature dropped.  We were warm and toasty under the blankets.  Our water heater is electric so I knew there was a chance that I would wake up this morning with still no power and therefore no hot water for a shower.  I woke up at my usual 0515 to discover still no power.  I laid there for a bit wondering what was my best move and at 0530 the power came back on.  I decided to allow the house some time to warm up and also give the hot water heater time to give me a hot shower!  By the time I rolled out of bed at 0615 everything was right in the world again -- except I was really dragging!!!  I am not sure there is enough coffee to keep me awake today!!

The craft sale was fun -- only because I got to sit with my dear cousin Jules all day and crochet and chat.  It seemed promising early on when I sold the pocket scarf and a small bag I'd made almost 3 years ago.  But then it died.  I mean nothing else - not even a nibble.  My cousin sold one scarf.  It was disappointing to say the least.  Jules had some lovely scarf/hat combos as well as some trendy frilly scarves.  I had my basket of dishcloths/washcloths paired with some little soaps and my scarves all displayed nicely for all to see.  I also had about 8 of my bags.  Although several lookers picked up my items and seemed impressed - not a single one asked the price.  I decided this time not to price every article but to let them ask me.  This way I could see if there was interest.  One woman did ask me about my dishcloths and I told her 1 for $3 and 2 for $5.  She seemed alright with that price but walked away.  She later came back and asked if she could show her mother one of my cloths and I told her she could.  I could hear her mother in the background say, "Oh yes that's lovely but way too pretty to use to wash dishes."  What??  Isn't that the point? 

Needless to say I left the sale disheartened at my craft and wondering why in the world I even bother to try and sell anything.  I might as well just give everything away.  I will not ever stop crocheting -- that's just not going to happen.  So right now I am feeling a little ... disappointed.  Le sigh.

When it rains it does indeed pour.  We are still getting mail from our old address in CA and yesterday we got an envelope from the mailbox place with quite a few pieces of mail.  One of them was a letter from the IRS.  We are being audited for tax year 2009.  Of course we were!  And why not??  We make so much money!  LOL  Not 15 minutes after we opened that letter when the phone rings.  It's our renters in CA to tell us the roof in the house is leaking.  Of course it is!!  During one of SoCal's worst rainy stretches in a long time why wouldn't our house have a leak??  When it rains, it pours. 

So the DH and I have resigned ourselves that we will probably not have our barn up in 2012.  We still want the horses on our property before summer, so we are brainstorming about options.  Since he can build anything we have decided we can afford to purchase a run-in type of shelter and simply modify it for a barn for the two horses.  When we do get ready for a barn, this shelter can be turned into the hay barn and garage for the Gator.  It wasn't exactly our plan, but it's a plan nonetheless.  Adapt and overcome.  Go ahead Life, Bring it!

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Winter Wonderland" by Garth Brooks.    I love this season and one of these days I hope my horse Dolly pulls a sleigh! 


  1. Don't get bummed! It's like that sometimes. Your things are lovely so it's their loss. I'm sorry about the IRS and your old house. That's just not fun. I know how that is though. I'll be praying for you!

  2. Thank you. It's just easy to get down over it. I'm keeping my chin up!

  3. Small world indeed! I've only been to Hillsboro once or twice (not an Ohio native), but I think I actually looked at a house out that way a few years ago.

    Have you tried selling any of your things on Etsy? I've sold some, but don't list nearly often enough to make other than the occasional sale.

  4. Hello there! I do have a shop on Etsy. I try and renew items and have bought several showcases, but not much luck really... I'm pretty sure Etsy is all about getting your product noticed because some people have a lot of sales. It seems to me that if you are lucky enough to have an item on the front page of Etsy you get noticed as well.