Friday, December 16, 2011

Everything Changes

Just when I think I can't take anymore, things change...  Wasn't it only Wednesday I was complaining about my job??  Today I had a meeting with my manager to go over the financials for three projects.  This can sometimes be a real painful meeting because at times it feels like I never have the data he wants.  Well today it went rather well and I could tell his plate was full.  I asked him about another assignment he'd given me to complete.  I need his input to finish it and he said, "I've not even started that yet.  And I have to complete this Charter..."  Now I perked up when he said "Charter" because I have a BA background so this was something I knew about.  I told him, "You know...I was a BA for years.  I could help you with that if you'd like...."  I don't think I had it out of my mouth when he launched the whole thing to my inbox.  LOL  I thought to myself -- "perhaps this isn't such a bad job after all..." 

As usual I have a hectic weekend planned.  Tomorrow I'm going to pick out the paint for the master bathroom and we are going to pull out the decorations for the tree.  The outside lights are up and look great!  Sunday is a very busy day.  I'm going to my Mom's to bake goodies for my son who's stationed in GA.  My Mom calls me daily to tell me what she has bought for our day of baking.  I think we will need to hire a personal plane to deliver the size box of goodies she has planned for her Grandson.  We are also going to attend the Christmas Party at the barn where I keep my horses.  The DH didn't want to go, so I asked Mom and she was quite happy about it.  So I am making my special Mac & Cheese for that and my Mom is making a pumpkin roll.  Because the party is closer to my Mom's afterwards I'm just going to spend the night with her Sunday and go into work from her house Monday.  Should be a fun time with her -- we always laugh.  I'm going to see if I can't upload them so they show up.  Here goes!

Let's hope that worked!! 

So we left CA because we were tired of the sunny weather 360 days a year.  So what do you think CA has been getting this past week?  Rain and hail!  Friends posted pics on FB showing the hail and it looked like snow!!  In the meantime we've had unseasonably warm temps for December in the low 60's.  Go figure!!

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby


  1. I am glad you boss gave you more work to do. I went to one of the other departments today to get work because I was bored. One of the girls in our department didn't like it because she wants me to help with her clean up work and I don't want to do it. Oh well.... Your scarves are pretty! I really like the curly one. Take pics of your tree after you decorate. Oh, where is your son stationed in GA? I'm just an hour away from GA.

  2. He's stationed at Hunter Air Field.