Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big project and other assorted misc stuff

Greetings!  I haven't done much crocheting lately.  Seems like every day there are other things to do that don't involve yarn.  Go figure.  I attended a party at the barn where I board my horses on Sunday evening.  Well, it was at their house - not in the barn.  They live in a farmhouse built in 1895 and it is absolutely gorgeous.  I can't tell you much I enjoyed looking at everything.  They have antiques and have decorated it so lovely.  Old farmhouses have so much character.  However, there was one thing missing -- you guessed it - an afghan!!  So as I was driving home the idea was forming in my head to crochet them an afghan!  Now I am all excited about this project because I am going to make a granny square (seems fitting) and incorporate a few surprises into it as well.  I can't wait to get started. 

This work week is short since I'm off Friday.  But alas, there is no rest for the weary!  Our daughter flies in at 11:30 and since it's about a two hour drive to the airport....  No sleeping in.  Not that I can anyway, but it's nice to think about just lying there with no agenda.  She's only in town till the 26th and luckily I'm also off that day as well.  Even better -- my boss is off starting Thursday through Dec 30th.  I won't see him again until Jan 3rd.  I'm having a love/hate relationship with this guy.  I think he's amazing at what he does; just not so good delegating and/or explaining what he wants from others. 

The DH and I are getting very restless about getting the horses on our piece of dirt.  We are starting to create ideas of him building one from scratch.  For so many reasons we feel this is the way to go.  Most importantly is we simply cannot afford the barn we want - but we can afford him to build one we can live with!  Does that make sense? 

**I don't have OCD but I have to compartmentalize everything and so I will now refer to the farmhouse afghan as Project 1 and the barn as Project 2.**

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Where Are You Christmas?" By Faith Hill


  1. Hello,Red and thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I cant seem to find a followers section on your blog so cant join, help! I love hearing what other people are doing all over the world and it makes the world seem just that bit smaller. Love Anne

  2. Hi Anne! I think I have resolved the follower's issue now... Thanks!