Friday, December 9, 2011


Today has been an interesting day.  I woke up and started getting ready for work.  My DH popped up in bed and said, "Why don't you spend the night with your Mom so you don't have to backtrack going to your craft sale tomorrow."  What a great idea.  So we packed up the car with all my inventory and I will be driving to Mom's for the night.  This is a good thing for a couple of reasons.  Tonight we'll have La Rosa's for dinner.  I'll get to drive up and see the horses tonight.  Win win. 

Forgot to mention that my older mare had to have her very first vet call yesterday.  The first one in 11 years.  She has a slight cloudiness in her right eye.  The vet said it's not much to worry about.  Just normal for a horse her age.  $150 later...  Well.  I can't complain.  It's her first vet call.  I hope her last. 

No idea what's up with my pictures loading/not loading.  I will try again...

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  1. Very nice scarves! I'm glad your horse is ok. Have fun at the craft sale, post pictures so we can see!