Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's almost time for the sale -- Dec 10th.  Yesterday I took a Mental Health Day and stayed home from
work.  I hadn't slept a wink the night before and I was really dragging.  I got up, got dressed and was ready to walk out the door when my DH suggested I stay home.  I hesitated because it meant me losing the Christmas bonus but he said did $200 really matter?  Besides it was our 21st anniversary of when we "hooked up" so we felt it was worth a holiday of sorts. 

We had a good day -- tried a new cafe in town that our vet raved about and we both found it to be quite good.  I had their tomato bisque soup with a caprese sandwich.  The soup was out of this world -- in fact it rivaled Panera's.  The sandwich was also quite good - it was mozarella, tomato and pesto on a grilled ciabatta roll. 

I snapped a couple pics of stuff for the sale...  Thought I'd share.  Sorry pics are uploading correctly....

I apologize for the crooked pics.  I cannot for the life of me figure out to rotate them once I copy them.  Grrrr.    One thing I'm at a loss on is how much to charge......  I suppose that's everyone's biggest worry when doing these types of sales.  You want to price them right.  Honestly I would be happy to just sell everything for a lower price than a few items for a higher one.  Most of the yarn I'm using these days has been part of my stash for a very long time.  Anything I could make off it would be welcome. 

SONG OF THE BLOG:  I wish I were able to stop myself from getting so wrapped up in music.  It takes me to a deeper emotional level sometimes than I'd like.  There's always those few songs that hit home with me and I'm caught up in the drama.  I know a lot of it has to do with letting go.  So today's song is ...
"You and I" by Lady Gaga.  I apologize for the commercial before the video, but hang around for her performance.  Amazing.

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  1. We all need a mental health day once in a while and spending the day with my husband is always worth it. Food sounds yummy. Your pics didn't come out so I can't see them. :(