Monday, December 5, 2011

Meant to be

I'm pretty sure I was meant to live in a rainy climate.  Perhaps Seattle would have been a better retirement choice?  Everyone always complains about the rain.  It's dreary and depressing to them.  To me it's cleansing and I love the smell and feel of the rain.  Today I woke up to a glorious downpour and it continued all the way in on my hour long drive into work.  Sadly I don't have a desk next to a window (probably a good thing because I'd surely never get a thing done then).  But our roof is such that when it's coming down pretty good we can hear it.  I rejoice in the sound all the while my coworkers are mumbling about how wet and nasty things are. 

This was a good weekend for crochet in my house.  I managed to start and finish a very pretty pink scarf for the craft sale.  If it doesn't sell I think I shall give it to my Mom's neighbor (if she wants it that is).  It worked up so easy and I was so pleased with the colors. 

I started another scarf on Sunday.  I have had this picture in my head for quite awhile - a scarf with the pockets.  I used heather grey as my base and then just added stripes of colors.  Sorry, no picture of it just yet.  The night creeped up on me and I lost all my natural light for a good pic.  I'll try and take one this evening and post it tomorrow.

The craft show is fast approaching and I think I'm ready...  The DH is going to make me a stand for the table to display the scarves better.  He's itching to make me one and although he wants to go big I'm hoping to convince him to scale it down some.  I am not sure what to expect from this craft sale.  It's in a church and doesn't seem like we will have much in the way of customers, but one can never tell about these things. 

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Songs About Rain" by Gary Allen


  1. I love the rain too. Dh was saying we need to replace the roof and I told him I wanted a tin roof so I could hear the rain. LOL

    Good luck with your craft show!