Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Even though I don't feel terrific, we'll pretend.  Last night after a dinner of lasagna I worked on two things.  First off I tried to finish up one of the three parts to the braided scarf.  I'm just not feeling it, so after about 5 inches I called it quits.  No photo of that, sorry.

Then I moved on to my brown scrap blanket, which I am enjoying.  It's moving slow, but I think it's only because I am moving slow.  I think it will be nice though. 

Thanks so much for the ideas about how to use the horse hair.  I really like the idea of incorporating it into something with a crochet design....  We shall see.  A lot depends on how much I get from Dolly that's usable and how it looks once I wash it.  Right now it's an awful dingy yellow!!

The next craft show is March 17th and I am done making scarves.  By then it will getting warm and no one wants to think about scarves when it's warm.  I think I will try and focus on other things; cloths, plastic bag holders, messenger bags and maybe a purse for little girls...  I have lots of cute buttons and fun eyelash yarn that I could work up to create some little purses.  The Etsy shop has once again sunk into no activity. 

I am happy to report my reading is going well.  I finished 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and started The Hunt for Red October.  My plan is to continue that series all the way through the newest Jack Jr three.  Am I repeating myself??  Sorry...

We are expecting a little snow tonight.  Since we are way under our norm for the year this is odd to have it forecast.  It can only help to get the barn on site though.  I thought it might be fun to post a pic of the property as is and then again as the barn(s) get delivered and built and the horses are with us.  So here it is now.
It might be fun for you (and me) to see how things change over the next year.  :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "The Song Remembers When" by Tricia Yearwood.

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