Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just stuff

I don't have any new pics to post.  Today I am just trying to enjoy everything in life I do have that makes me happy.  I need to take the time to appreciate those things.  It's so easy to get caught up in the wanting and wishing for everything we do not have that we forget about everything we do. 

Yesterday I stood in the backyard of our property and looked at the almost final step to a dream come true.  I have loved horses all my life. I got my first one when I was 12 and had him all through high school.  My family was far from rich, so in order to keep him I had to clean the boxstalls at the stable where I kept him.  It was a hard job, but very rewarding.  I always look back on those days with good memories.  When my husband and I decided to get a horse in 2001 we also had to board her.  Although I no longer had to clean stalls, I still enjoyed doing it.  The dream has always been to look out our window to see our horses on our property.  Seeing those barns in place yesterday was surreal.  There's still much to do before March 3rd when the girls arrive.  We have pipe corral to put up, hay to buy, stalls to enclose...  But you can bet it's all being done with a happy heart. 

I have the most amazing daughter.  She is smart, funny, beautiful and has a heart the size of Texas.  I feel extremely blessed and honored we are so close.  She gave me a beautiful Christmas card this year telling me how much the bond we have means to her.  Okay, so she's technically my "step" daughter.  That makes it that much more meaningful.  So not only are we mother/daughter but we are also friends.  I see her struggle (almost daily) with her bio Mom and it tears at my heart.  Her bio Mom has always treated her poorly, but really she can't help it.  It's just the way she is.  She is self serving and self absorbed.  She takes zero responsibility for her actions.  I believe in the Zodiac and she is a Scorpio.  Relentless and manipulative - won't stop until she has won.  She flits around from flower to flower taking what she wants, making promises she never keeps and expecting everyone to believe how sincere and genuine she is.  She has managed to fool a few people, but she would probably die if she knew how many she hasn't fooled.  Christian?  Please. Kind and loving?  Double please.  She is a Christian when it suits her and she can be kind when she is after something.  My daughter will continue this struggle with her bio Mom for life.  I'm just lucky she calls me "MOM" and means it. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


  1. I'm sure you will be so happy to get your "girls" home. I know I would. Sounds like your stepdaughter is a very lucky young lady to have you in her life!