Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Has anyone seen January?

Is anyone else amazed how quickly January passed?  Yes, we have gotten a lot accomplished on the house in that month, but really it just seems like time is getting away from me once again.  I need to wrap my arms around "life" and not let it pass me by.

Let's see...  I have been trying to pull my craft room together and in doing so I managed to create more surprise scrap yarn balls.  With that came the inclination to do a scarp afghan.  Here is it is just two days old.

It's starting out nicely; not too big but big enough to make a nice throw. 

Next I thought I'd share my craft area in it's current state, which is way better than it was.  Still some work to do, but it is coming together and I actually love being in it. 

This is the entertainment center left at the house by the sellers.  It's turned into a sort of "catch all" for me.  LOL

I am doing some moving around with completed projects , but it's coming together nicely.  It's great having the window - I love to look out and crochet. 

Lastly I thought I'd post a pic of Chris.  This pic makes me smile and drool.  Although he is scheduled to be in Cincy in Apr on tour, I opted not to buy tickets to see him.  In the name of saving money and such - it wasn't an easy choice and I'm still not sure it was the right one. 

The barn is coming along nicely and the DH and I have been back and forth with where to put the tack room/tie-ups/haybarn...  I honestly think we won't know until the barn arrives.  The ground is still very mushy, so praying for either cold weather to freeze the ground until at least the end of February or no more rain to dry things up.  I was going through some old pics and found this one of Dolly.  This was at the height of Spring when her color is so beautiful and I had just cut her mane.  Can't wait to see her on our property!!

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Pretty Woman" by Roy Orbison


  1. I am so jealous! I don't have a craft room, I have a corner in the den. Looks like you are making good progress getting it organized. Your Dolly is beautiful!!! I know you will be so happy to get them home with you!

  2. Since we never use a "living room" and have the family room right off the kitchen we decided I would use this space. I feel pretty lucky. It gives me plenty of room to do what I want. The other bedroom will be the DH's train room. He's always wanted to have a model train set up with the whole town, etc. We thought it would be best for him to have a room with a door to keep the kitties off of his train stuff. He's not even started his hobby yet! Not sure what he's waiting for...

    Dolly is a sweetie. She is quite the little mare. Very big personality and gorgeous! Thanks!!