Thursday, February 9, 2012


For me Thursday has always been a day to make progress.  I get a new sense of urgency knowing the week is ending and maybe there are a few things I've left unattended so I tend to try and finish them up on Thursdays.  I did make some progress on the braided scarf.  The colors are jewel tones and although I like both the blue/green she chose I think they may be too close.  We shall see once I get the snow white worked up and actually braid the scarf.  Still no photos - I think it would be best to snap a photo or two in direct sunlight and by the time I get home it's already dusk. 

I continue to work on the brown scrap.  For some reason I love this pattern and I love working with my surprise scrap yarn.  I had intended on offering this one for sale at the craft show, but I doubt I have it done in time.  So we shall see.  Here's a pic I took last night as I was finishing up for the evening. 

I made the first step in getting my Pen Pal Correspondence back up and running!!  Yay me!!  I hope to write at least one letter this weekend.  One of my friends sent me a beautiful calendar for Christmas.  In spite of my moving all over and changing addresses three times, it managed to find it's way to me.  Miraculous.  In the past when I didn't have the Internet I used to have a huge world map and I would put a marker on the location of my friends.  I found this so interesting and fun.  Now days with Google, I can type in their address and bring it up.  Still thrilling! 

Has anyone had any luck with a "Yarn of the Month" type club or buy in? 

Tomorrow the girls get their shoes done.  I'm excited to be heading up there tomorrow at noon to spend some time with them.  There is a chance our barn could be delivered on Monday.  We are anticipating some freezing temps that could make the property accessible with the big truck.  : )

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Trying to Love You" by Trisha Yearwood

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  1. Pen Pals are such a great thing to have. Plus it's so much fun to actually get letters in the mail. I realized yesterday that I don't even know the mailing addresses of many of my good friends that live out of state!