Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Not a very creative title, is it?  I think that's the hardest part of posting! 

We are expecting a good amount of snow starting this evening and through the night.  I came in to work today, and there's a chance I'll be leaving early to make it home before things get too treacherous.  The DH is manning the homefront and battening down the hatches (so to speak).  I'm looking forward to it, although admittedly I am also anxious for Spring and warmer weather.  I hope this snow storm is the last for this winter. 

I sold the blanket I didn't would sell!  Amazingly enough the woman that bought the dark green and orange one also bought the ocean blue/light blue one and she thinks she might like 2 more.  Go figure!  She seems very nice and I have enjoyed exchanging emails with her.  One request she has is a blanket in nothing but black, white and greys to go in a particular room.  I'm playing with some ideas in my head for that one.  She thinks she doesn't want the random color stripes (to stick to the room theme), so we'll see what I come up. 

I've been working on getting some dishcloths finished for the next Craft Club gathering on Sunday the 10th.  I'm putting together an Easter basket for the hostess and wanted to include dishcloths.  I have to bring a snack/treat in the containers I talked about - the DH wants to "contribute" and bought a bag of Oreos.  The girls will get a laugh out of that, but I still need to make something...and I am drawing a blank.  Lemon bars sounded good but I don't know if the others like them.  What am I saying?  Doesn't everyone love lemon bars?  LOL

Over the weekend the DH and I were talking about my retirement date.  After some thought we decided between 3-4 years, but I started thinking about it and came up with April 1, 2019.  Now I know this probably seems random and odd, but we have certain goals we need to meet before I can leave the work force and this gives us the chance to meet those goals and then some additional time to save a little extra on top of everything else. 

I hope everyone has a marvelous day and if you are expecting snow - be safe and stay warm!

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  1. Congrats on selling the blankets! You be safe and stay warm too. :)