Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Every once in a while the pensive, serious side of me can't help but rear it's head.  Notice I didn't say "ugly" head.  I'm trying NOT to go down that road with myself.  Lately looking in the mirror has been painful for me.  It seems that in a matter of months I have aged years.  I'm not kidding folks.  It's like I woke up and suddenly I have wrinkles and my skin looks saggy.  Normally I am not so vain, but perhaps that's because in the past I've not looked so old.  I have been on a hunt to find a good wrinkle cream and get into a routine to fend off looking even older.  The DH has been so sweet telling me I'm gorgeous and don't look any older than when we met.  Ha! 

Work has been a challenge but also I think a breakthrough was reached this week.  A breakthrough that brought me and coworkers closer, which was a much needed event for me.  I was seriously thinking I had made a big mistake with this position but now I feel better about that. I have a tendency to want to solve and fix issues and this week a light came on and I realized I can't fix it.  I can only solve for the things I have direct control over.  Now I know this might sound obvious, but sometimes you hear it over and over and for whatever reason it doesn't sink in and then suddenly you have a revelation and there it is.  I had that revelation. 

Crochet has been going well.  The Spring blanket is almost complete and that wonderful lady in Texas has already put dibs on it.  So there you have it.  I plan on getting it boxed up this weekend and starting the next two.  I can't wait to dive into those two new ones.  One lilac/deep purple and one rust/gray.  Can't you picture them??  As Mereknits says ... Heaven! 


  1. You bet, Heaven.

    I hear you on the aging thing. I never thought I was very vain, I mean I don't really mind aging. But the past few years with all the issues with my parents, and some serious ones on the home front I have aged decades. My husband is 10 years older than me yet people we meet ask if we are high school sweethearts, I think not! Oh well, I am just going to stop looking in the mirror, it will help my self esteem a lot.
    sending you a hug,

    1. I know that stress has been a major factor in my physical appearance. Not to mention weight gain. I used to get told all the time how I don't look old enough to have grown kids. That was so nice to hear. Sigh. I'm being rather stringent with the skin care routine now. Little too late I'm afraid. I should have been doing this 20 years ago, but then one didn't think about this stuff and we were invincible. Looking forward to some good crocheting time this week. Take care. Hugs your way.