Monday, January 21, 2013

Yarn ball heaven

So as planned I did indeed reorganize the craft room.  The DH was kind enough to purchase and put together some neat shelving that make fine bins.  The wood is laquered so as not to snag and one of them is bright white, which really looks great when filled with bright, colorful yarn.  I am quite pleased with the results in more ways than one.  I knew I could consolidate quite a bit of yarn because it had been a while since my last reorg and I also knew I could make balls out of some of the skeins due to their size.  Now, I know it's nuts but I LOVE to roll yarn.  If I could get paid to do it I would do it 10 hours a day.  No joke - I love it.  I have so many yarn balls now!  I absolutely love it.  I am going to take a pic this evening of them and share because I know you won't believe how many I have. 

I finished up the Ocean Blue Signature afghan and it's posted on Etsy.  I started another based on the colors I have in my stash and decided to go with a Spring theme - using pale yellow, spring green and a kelly green.  So far it's working up fast and really nice. 

Yesterday a cousin of mine asked if I would consider making her a poncho.  She sent me the pics and it's really a nice poncho. Come to find out it belongs to a friend of hers who got it from her MIL - who happens to be a Native American with tons of talent.  Gulp.  I'm not sure I can duplicate this gorgeous poncho to my cousin's liking.  I will try and get the pics and post so you guys can take a look. 

It's supposed to get super cold today and tonight.  The girls will be blanketed and tucked into their stalls for sure.  I know they are not as cold as I believe them to be, but putting the blankets on makes me sleep better at night. 

We have a new Craft Club member!  That makes officially 6 now.  The next meeting is at my house on Feb 17th.  I'm excited to get together with my fellow crafters! 

Well I hope everyone has a marvelous week!


  1. The craft club sounds like so much fun. I love the blanket, you did a great job. Stay warm,

    1. Thank you. I like it a lot more now that it's all finished. I didn't think it looked as nice since I went with a diagonal front post stitch. But it came out alright!

  2. That is really pretty. Beautiful color combinations.