Friday, January 18, 2013

Craft Room Makeover

This weekend I am reorganizing my craft room.  Not really a room because it doesn't have a door and four walls.  It's the formal living room area of our house - which is never used.  Our family room (right off the kitchen) is the location for all things "living" so when we moved in we decided I would have that area and the DH would have the 3rd room for his train/man cave.  He needs a door because we are certain one of our cats will find it necessary to carry off his train "stuff".  Anyway, for some time now we have been talking about our lack of bookshelves and my yarn is currently occupying two of our bookshelves.  So we are buying bins and I will commence to go through my stash.  Saturday morning is the target time frame.  The sooner I get started the better.  I'm anxious to get started.  It's a great way to take inventory of exactly what I do have and who doesn't like a freshly organized area?

Couple of things that have been making me a little crazy lately I just have to get off my chest. 

1.  Who cares about the Kardashians?  I cannot believe she got famous from a video.  I mean, really?  And now it seems like all of Hollywood is ga-ga over the whole darn family.  She's pregnant, but not by her still husband.  She has zero talent - none of them have any talent.  Yet they are LOADED.  Really?  I need to let go of stuff like this because it's just nonsense, but to me it shows how screwed up our society really is.

2.  I'm ready to declare a new political affiliation. 

Okay.  I feel much better now.  Hope you all have a marvelous Friday!!!!  Let's give it hell!!!


  1. I really need to organize my stash. I want it out so I can see it however, the cat likes to carry off my stuff. I think I would be less prone to buying if I had all my stuff organized to see what I actually have. I am thinking shelves on the wall with a plexi glass cover hinged to the top of each shelf so I can open it and get what I need and then close it to keep the cat out. hmmmm may have to go to the charity shops to see if I can find any shelves oh and I need a side table for dh's recliner.

    I don't care anything about them, I think they are disgusting people!

    I know what you mean about politics!

    1. My cat will carry off yarn balls sometimes, but so far nothing else. I like the idea of plexi glass though -would help cut down on the dust that often gathers when I have my windows open wide!

  2. I agree with you about that family, such nonsense all the time and they are so wealthy because of it. I like my political party, want to come over here?

    1. I am thinking Libertarian. I am disgruntled with the "politics" of Washington.