Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The sun don't shine on a moonshine still

That's one of my favorite lines of all time.  How revealing and secretive all at the same time, right?  It's a line from a bluegrass song called Good Corn Liquor by The Steeldrivers.  If you're a bluegrass fan (or even if you aren't) you should check it out.

So driving in to work this morning I was trying to get my second wind.  I have been feeling like things aren't right with me and I am trying to fix them.  Or fix me.  I can't figure out which at the moment isn't right...  I had my iPod on and this song came on.  Every time I hear it I get a little daring.  That wild hair stands straight up and all I can think about is being more alive than whatever I am doing right now.  It doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to break any laws.  Then again it doesn't mean I won't either.  It's just this feeling I get deep down - wanting everything life has to offer.

Tonight is "hotel" night for me.  After work I am going to use the fitness center here at work to walk on the treadmill.  It's difficult to want to do too much, but I know realistically I need to start slow.  So my goal today is to walk 1 mile on the treadmill.  That doesn't sound like much but it's a start and I shall work up from there.  My goal is to do the same in the morning at the hotel's fitness center - walk for 1 mile.  Then I will shower and come to work.  My goal is to do that for one month - walking 2x a week on a treadmill.  Depending on how I feel next week I will increase the distance. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! 


  1. sounds like a good plan to me. i know exactly what you mean because certain songs do that for me too.

  2. It's hard, but I need to shake up my routine and get more active. I am sure when the weather changes the outside activities with the horses and taking care of the place will help a lot! So good hearing from you!!