Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Chapter

Starting today it's a whole new chapter in our life.  The DH got in late Friday night/early Saturday morning.  We had the whole family over Saturday to unload the truck and trailer.  Then he and I spent all day Sunday and Monday just getting some things set up and taken care of.  The cats survived alright.  My older cat didn't take to the commotion of the move in with all the people so well and was having trouble making it to the litter box, but I think she's alright now and doing better.  I think they "get it" - that the furniture and stuff is now in this house and the two humans that care for them are once again back in the same location.  I think they just need some settling in time and adjustment period - like the rest of us.

The DH and I spent Sunday getting the kitchen unpacked.  We felt like we really needed to make that happen.  We put out a good amount of trash on Monday morning and got rid of a lot of boxes.  I started my craft area, but it's not finished.  The family room is good to go and so is the master bedroom/bath.  We got our W/D delivered Monday morning and finally that pile of laundry is gone.  Love my new W/D.  My DH is the Laundry King and I was a bit worried about him at first working the new set as they are computerized, but he is managing rather well.  We got such a deal on the set!  We feel so fortunate. 

We also have TV which is really nice.  Although I don't "watch" a lot of TV I do listen to it and that's the only time the DH can sit still is when he has the remote.  I thought I was going to have to hit him over the head with something to make him sit the heck down and chill.  We promised ourselves we wouldn't kill ourselves by unpacking but he seemed to not really abide by that rule (as is norm) and was driving me insane.  I would just sit down with feet up and hook in hand when he would demand my attention in another part of the house.  Usually it was something silly and that could have waited but he's just that type. 

So last night I managed to crochet two dishcloths (one for me and one for the sale) and start a red scarf using the V stitch or cross stitch as me and my cousin sometimes call it.  I will take pics tonight and get them posted. 

It's getting chillier here.  This morning there was frost on the porch which made for a slippery walk to the garage and it was actually colder at work (35*) then when I left the house (43*).  I can't wait until the first snow flurries!  I know - becareful what you wish for!  Those people in the northeast without power are NOT enjoying the weather one bit. 

Okay, gotta get back to the salt mine.  Have a great day Ladies!!

SONG OF THE BLOG:   "Someone Like You" by Adele 


  1. Glad he made it there and that the cats are settling in. Now you can take a deep breath and relax and put your house in order. I bet you are glad to have your yarn to work with!

  2. It's nice being able to see all of the yarn in my stash. I think my creative juices flow easier that way.