Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm still here

You aren't getting rid of me quite that easy.  I think along with everyone else these days are super busy.  I think we'd all LOVE to be blogging but there are just other priorities.  I have been crocheting - mostly because I have a few gifts to knock out for friends and I am on a time crunch.  And of course the craft fair is coming up fast (dec 10th).  From the sound of it we are going to have a lot of inventory.  I ordered soap samples today to pair with our washcloths.  They always make a neat gift idea and people tend to look closely when they are in a neat little package. 

Our Thanksgiving was a good one.  Small; just me and the DH, mom and her bf (sounds weird to call him that but I don't know what else to call him) and my sister.  The meal was amazing.  My Mom outdid herself this year and it was kind of funny because at the end she told me it was now falling on my shoulders from here on out.  LOL  Now I don't mind this duty, but you have to understand something.  You see for the past 8 years or so I have spent Thanksgiving alone - by choice.  The DH goes on a 4x4 trip to AZ and I get the house to myself for about four days.  This is heaven to me and although it's a holiday meant to be shared with family I thoroughly enjoy the alone time.  We laugh because my DH buys me a bottle of Crown Royal and I buy a pie for myself.  So it is with some regret I take on the responsibility of Thanksgiving. 

Yesterday I got in an irritated mood.  You see my DH's ex is always a pain in my side.  Admittedly I allow her to take up space in my head, but it's for good reason.  She is a pathetic loser and enjoys making our daughter feel like sh*t.  Anyone that knows my daughter knows that her relationship with her bio mom is a terrible one.  And what makes it so funny is that she will comment on our daughter's fb posts and make it sound like she is just so chummy.  Our daughter says she laughs about them all the time with her friends and bf.  Her bio mom thinks everyone is reading them and thinking, "Oh what a great relationship they have!  What a wonderful Mom she has!"  So not the case!!  The sad part is that now our daughter basically ignores the posts.  She says they are wildly embarrassing and acknowledging them would only make her bio mom worse.  But my problem is this -- for years (over 21) I've been exposed to her crap and no one ever calls her out on anything because they say they don't want the argument with her.  I say why not??  She continues to do it because no one challenges her and she thinks in her warped mind they don't because she is right.  She has no clue everyone is talking behind her back saying how stupid and pathetic she is.  Why can't I let this go??  I guess because our daughter really struggles with her antics at times and she comes to me to vent.  I have seen over the years the harm this woman has done to her own daughter with absolutely no regret or responsibility.  Everyone keeps saying karma is a b*tch and she's going to get hers.  I say she is experiencing her karma NOW and is just too stupid to know it.  50 years old and still single.  Not even one decent relationship to speak of in 21 years.  She has this world in her head where she is in relationships but really they are just booty calls.  Okay.  I'm done.  Really.  I know that no matter how much I think about this she will never be forced to face reality.  I know that truly my justice is that she is an unhappy and pathetic person that everyone makes fun of no matter how much she pretends otherwise.  It's her with the problem.

If you haven't already made the purchase, now's a great time.  DAUGHTRY's new CD is OUT and it's amazing.  The deluxe edition has 16 amazing tracks.  Right now my favorite song is......



  1. I'm glad you are still here. I've knocked out a couple of my Christmas presents but I still have more to do.

    I would love to cook for Thanksgiving but the few times I have the in laws have complained so I stopped doing it. We normally go to mil's and everyone brings something. I felt horrible so I stayed home. It was kinda nice. I got to sleep and watch tv and it was quiet in the house.

    I hate you have problems with your dd's bio. My ex is a irresponsible idiot himself so I feel your pain.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Thanks for the comments. I'm over my DH's ex for the moment. She is her own disease and has her own demons. If I could change one thing about my marriage to my DH it would be that somehow she's just not in the picture at all.

    Hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed your Thanksgiving.