Friday, November 4, 2011


Finally found a minute to post.  Work has been keeping me very busy and when I get home getting on the computer just has no appeal. 

The house is coming together nicely.  As all houses do ours has it's little quirks.  We are learning to live with some and realize some will need to be changed.  All in good time.  I don't know how many of you live on a septic system.  We do and let me tell you it is quite a change from having a sewer line. 

My craft area is about 2/3 of the way done.  I have a lot of yarn left to unpack and get on the shelves.  That's always fun.  Soon I will be thinking about getting back to my pen friends - I think I have 4 or 5.  They probably think I have dropped off the face of the Earth since I've not written to them in so long.  I hope when I finally do pick it back up they are still interested in corresponding. 

I started a red scarf for the sale.  Here are a couple of pics:

It's a pretty color - far more than this pic shows.  I'm thinking the fringe will be a sparkly white in honor of the upcoming snow. 

I bought some cotton yarn (3 balls) and JoAnn's had their Vanna yarn on sale 2/$5.00.  So I picked up two each of a dark red and mustard to make two friends scarves.  They are USC fans.  I'll get those done as Christmas gifts. 

After work today I have to take my oldest kitty to the vet.  She is not doing well.  She is showing signs of being diabetic; constant thirst, hair loss, dandruff and not using the litter box.  Her urine is different, too - watery and sticky - not yellow.  She is almost 8.  I have never had a diabetic animal so I am not certain of the prognosis.  Let's hope for the best.  I hate to see her suffering.

SONG OF THE BLOG:  "Womanizer" by Britney Spears.  Why?  Because I love this song.   


  1. Thank you for coming to visit my blog! I am feeling better and am going to try to make good on finding something else to do. I know what you mean about the computer having no appeal after having worked all day. There are times I don't look at mine all weekend. I'm the same way with my cell. It goes in my purse in the evenings and unless the kids hear it ringing and bring it to me, it stays there.

    I'm sorry your kitty isn't feeling well. I had one pass away from diabeties. It was heart wrenching. My current baby is having urinary problems stemming from crystals in his urine. We are giving him meds and special food. I hope he gets well soon. I hate it when my pets are sick.

    Well, you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Thank you. Dumpy is actually doing quite well on her insulin so far. We have lowered her dosage once already. I'm hoping for the best. We lost 2 to the urinary track issue. Both males and both yellow. Hope you're kitty is getting better.

  3. That's not good to hear. Mine is not yellow but a marmalade color and he's a male too.

    How are you doing? Are you getting things organized from the move?

  4. Hey there! Thanks for checking in.

    I actually mentioned to the DH this morning that I didn't think our cat was doing better on the insulin. She seems like a different cat. She's not interested in playing or being social. She sleeps all the time and is constantly drinking water. I'm going to see what the vet says tomorrow after he checks her numbers. Sadly I might decide to let her go. I think the quality of life is most important for our animals. When that starts to degrade I think we need to make the tough decisions.

    Settling in isn't going badly at all. My craft area is coming together slowly. We are making some paint color decisions and have realized our stove is probably the first appliance we'll need to replace.

    How is your cat doing?